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Who Is Khushpreet Kaur? Punjabi Teen Girl committed Suicide By Hanging Herself, Wiki, Bio, Instagram!


One more heartbreaking death news has come from the Punjab region which puts the nation in a feeling of great sorrow. A student of class 11th has recently committed suicide by hanging herself. The name of the demised person is Khushpreet Kaur and after hearing his suicidal news people are started asking for justice for her on social media.

Khushpreet Kaur

Who Is Khushpreet Kaur?

She committed suicide in her maternal grandfather’s house but what was the reason due to which she had to take such a big step and take her own life? As per the report, the reason for her suicide is being due to the torcher given by two people but what exactly has happened and who were the people due to which she took her life and what had happened that made her feel more right to kill herself than to live?


Let us find out in the case details but before that who was Khushpreet Kaur let’s find out and why people are demanding justice for her. Khushpreet Kaur was born in Canada but currently lived in Moga, Ludhiana, particularly from Punjab state. She was currently lived with her maternal grandparents. She was studying at Day Boarding SBRS Gurukul School. According to her grandfather, Khushpreet was called to school even on holidays. He says that she did not want to go to school, but the principal’s daughter had forcefully taken her. 

As per the statement given by Jasveer Singh who is making an allegation on the Punjab Police Department that the police help the accused to get escaped. He went to Maihna Police Station to complain about the culprits but the cops misbehaved with him and did not initiate the investigation, even they refused to reach the suicidal spot for the investigation. When Jasveer lodged an FIR against the arraigned, the police help the accused to get escaped.

Khushpreet Kaur Suicide Note Or Letter

Khushpreet Kaur Khushpreet Kaur

Before taking the drastic step of suicide she has written a suicide note in which she poured out her inner feelings. She has praised her maternal grandparents and all the loved ones who made few seconds of her life worth it and she also mentioned the name of the responsible people for her suicide. She accused the principal’s daughter Ravleen Kaur Tuli along with Mr. Amandeep Singh Chahal of her suicide and both are person are responsible for her suicide.

Khushpreet Kaur Wikipedia, Age, Bio, Instagram

Name Khushpreet Kaur
Profession Student
Age 16 Years
School Name Gurukul School, Moga
Parents Yet To Update
Instagram Yet To Update
Death Reason Suicide
Birth Place Birth Place
Religion Sikh
Current City Moga, Punjab
Nationality Indian

Khushpreet was born in Canada but later on shifted to Moga District Village Talwandi Bhangeria when she was just three months old after her parents’ divorce. Since then she was staying at her grandparents’ house. She took her life at the small age of 17 after being tortured and frustrated by some incidents that took place in her life. The Punjab Police found a suicide note from the death spot in which she mentioned the two names of those who are responsible for this drastic step.

The dead body of Khushpreet Kaur has been sent to Mughal Civil hospital for an autopsy in order to find out the actual reason for her death till then the Police are investigating the entire incident and why these two people tortured her as soon as we can gather any new information related with this suicidal case we will update it here, Till then stay safe at your home and always connected with us for more such updates.

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  1. Ya it’ s true that people for only one week but after that no one is there … / Means share videos ,photos etc in everywhere we need justice ,justice , people are protesting .But there’ s gonna nothing change in the society until you stand and say about that thing that depress you everytime .I heard lots of stories of our innocent girls .Please stop committing suicide it ‘ s not the path , you could do beeter .Stand at your own feet not depending on others people will say to you , tease you , scold you , rumours you etc … At last u have to stand beta .Those bloody fuckers people are only born as a human but they do ‘ my have any feelings . Last three months before i heard a story of a muslim that she jumped into the river ( only 22 years ) and gave up her life . So girls wake up don’ t depend on others it’ s u who will change the society into a heaven and show them what could you do !! Thank You


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