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Who is Kerrion Franklin? Kirk Franklin’s Son Leaks Video Social Media Out Range Reaction


Recently, Kirk Franklin’s son whose name is Kerrion Franklin has posted a video on his Instagram handle in which Kirk and his son’s heated argument is recorded. Kerrion Franklin is a multi-talented singer, he is not just a singer but also an author, cinematographer, Social Media Star, Instagram Influencer, and a well-known personality of social media. He is living separately from his parents as he hasn’t good communication with his father Kirk Franklin. He is living away from his family for years. There is not a good and pure relationship between Kerrrion and his father.

Kerrion Franklin

Who is Kerrion Franklin

In the recording, Kerrion is saying to his father that, this why he is staying away from his family as no one’s father talks to their children like he does. He adds that if he has any problem so the reason behind is his behavior with him. He says to his father that doesn’t tell him to go to his family as he didn’t know that where are they. During the whole conversation, Kirk said, “I will break yo neck “. From when the conversation video went viral, people got to know that Kirk said to his own son that he will break his neck.

The social media users are pouring their reactions on their social media handle. One of the users said, “I shouldn’t be this surprise from Kirk Franklin cussing but I am”. Another user tweeted, “I just saw a video of Kirk Franklin cursing his son out over the phone, & unfortunately, I saw many professing Christians defending him. None of us are without sin & we all fall short, but the language he was using was just foul. That type of behavior is inexcusable”.

Kerrion Franklin took birth in 1988 in New York. He gained huge publicity and fame in his career. He is mainly known for his various albums such as Cartwheels and Backflips and Comedy Bit: Trash. Kerrion has three siblings who are younger than him. His siblings’ names are Kennedy Franklin, Caziah Franklin, and Carrington Franklin. In 2005, he received Grammy Award. He keeps his personal life secret. Presently, he is living his life alone without any love partner. Stick with us to get all the exclusive updates.

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