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Who Is Kellie Gerardi? TikTok & Influencer To Join Virgin Galactic Space, Instagram, Age, Net Worth Explored!


It has been decided by the International Institute of Astronautical Sciences that they have chosen a researcher who is 32 years old, she is a social media influencer as she has been selected to be a part of the trip on a flight as she is going to be the part of Virgin Galactic, and it has been stated by IIAS that they are going to be including the citizen scientist and STEM influencer Kellie Gerardi as she is going to be the part of the new launch naming Virgin Galactic, the experiments are going to be focusing on healthcare technologies and it is also going to be including biomonitor systems as they are going to be studying the circumstances of spaceflights on astronauts and that is going to happen in real-time.

Kellie Gerardi

Who Is Kellie Gerardi?

She was born in the year 1989 dating to 16th February in Florida, she is a defense and technology professional, she is aerospace and she is also pretty popular when we talk about science communicators. She conducts spacesuit evaluation within microgravity and she also conducts bioastronautics research. She is currently the Director of the Explorers Club and she also serves as the defense counsel which is for the National Security Project.

She is also the author of ‘not necessarily rocket science which is a beginner’s guide and she has also been the author of the titled ‘Luna Muna’, she has a pretty huge fan following on Tiktok and Instagram, she has flown in many of the parabolic research flights and this is going to be her first trip to space.

She has stated in an interview that she will be lying if she says that she never imagine something like this happening as that would be just untrue, she stated that in all honesty, she has always dreamed of this happen as she further thanked Richard Branson as he wants everyone to access space and it seems like that the team which is going to travel into space is a team full of potential and efficiency.

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