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Who is Kegan Anthony Kline, Man Behind Anthony_Shots Account Arrested In Child Exploitation Case


Who is Kegan Anthony Kline, Man Behind Anthony_Shots Account Arrested In Child Exploitation Case: One more person is arrested on serious charges of child abuse. As per the reports, Liberty German (14-years-old) and Abigail Williams (13-years-old) were assassinated 4 years ago in Delphi, Ohio, in a case that draws national attention and had investigators looking as far as Cincinnati for further leads. Police examine the 2017 assassinations said they wanted to talk with anyone who knew him on the web. In this murder, Kegan Anthony Kline were charges leveled against child abuse, possession of child pornography, and interference of justice. Let’s find out more about this case and what exactly happened to him. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kegan Anthony Kline

Who Is Kegan Anthony Kline, Indiana? Age

Kegan Anthony Kline is a 27-years-old who hails from Peru, Indiana. According to a search warrant lodged in Indiana, Kegan Kline is an Indiana musician and Nevada casino table, dealer whose hand is behind the catfish social media account “Anthony shots”. He came into the limelight after being charged with child exploitation and pyrography in Miami County in the year 2020. In the year 2017 police interview, Kline reportedly accepted his hands behind the accounts under duress. He also reportedly acknowledged conversing with estimated 15 minor girls and receiving over 100 nude pictures and 20 pornographic films from them.

Kegan Anthony Kline Alias Anthony Shots Instagram

As per the accusations, Kegan Anthony Kline used the username “Anthony shots” on social media in order to communicate with minors and young girls. The account “Anthony shots” mistreatment pictures of a male model and presented himself as a wealthy and rich man with sports cars in order to talk to girls, request them to share their nude photos, and meet them. The male model who comes up in the pictures on the account has been identified, and he is not a person of interest, as per police, in the Delphi case.

Kegan pointed out that he talks to young girls whom he knows and girls he does not know. As per Kegan, he meets girls on Instagram. He asserts that to know the ages of girls with whom he contacts since he converses with them. Kegan remarked that he would not mind if a girl told him she was 16 or younger and that he would still talk or chat with her.

Is Kegan Anthony Kline Arrested For Delphi Murders?

In the month of August 2020, Miami County prosecutors lodged 30 felony counts contrary to Kegan Anthony Kline. The case is still in the initial phases of investigation. Kline is now in prison awaiting trial in Miami County, according to the sources. On a $265,000 bail bond, Kline is presently being held at the Miami County Detention Center.

A piece of news is hitting the headlines and also getting viral on social media platforms. It is about a man who was behind the catfish social media account with the username anthony_shots. The man who was behind all this is Kegan Kline, a well-known musician, and Nevada casino table dealer. The news has been going viral on social media widely and getting much attention from people. Social media users are shocked after knowing all this and want to know the whole matter. People have been seeking details about the matter. In this article, we have brought all the needed details about Kegan Kline and the matter related to him.

Kegan Anthony Kline: 5 Facts You Need To Know

As per the sources, Kegan Kline is an Indiana musician and Nevada casino table leader who was reportedly behind the catfish social media account, and the username of the account is anthony_shots. There is a search warrant that has been filed in Indiana. WISH-TV shared the search warrant in a story which recognized Kegan as the man, and the authorities said that he was behind the account. Reportedly, his full name is Kegan Anthony Kline who is signed to the marijuana and music businesses.

1. Authorities Investigating the Delphi Murders

As per the online records, Kegan Kline is only 27 years old and lived in Peru, Indiana. The news of the catfish account came to the light when the detectives were investigating the Delphi murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams who were slain in Indiana. The investigators requested the local public to provide some information if they had, on the online profile named anthony_shots.

2. Kegan Anthony Kline Is Accused of Soliciting Sexual Pictures From Underage Girls

On 06 December 2021, a video has been shared on Facebook and Youtube, in which the Indiana State Police- Lafayette District has issued a statement revealing the profile, The police department has been searching for the details if anyone had contact with anthony_shots. As per the sources, there is an Instagram account that is still active with the same username (anthony_shots).

3. Kegan Anthony Kline Facing Serious Felony Charges

Kegan Anthony Kline Kegan Anthony Kline Kegan Anthony Kline

4. Kegan Anthony Kline Facebook Page Says He Owns a Marijuana Delivery Company

The police said that the account was an elaborate catfish and used a fake profile along with the pictures of the models to make contact with teenage girls so that he can ask them for their nude pictures. Kegan has not been accused by the police of his involvement in the Delphi murders. On 13 February 2017, two girls went on a walk on an old railroad bridge along Monon High Bridge trail near Delphi, Indiana where they were killed. The investigation of these two murders is still ongoing. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

5. Detectives Say the Model Whose Pictures Were Used by the Anthony_Shots Profile Isn’t Tied to the Murders and Described Himself as a Vocalist & Guitar Player in a Pop Punk Band

Kegan Anthony Kline Kegan Anthony Kline

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