After taking the second dose of Moderna Vaccine a woman has died in Utah later four days. The name of the demise is Kassidi Kurill who was 39 years old and a single mother of a daughter. Kassidi was a surgical tech who worked under many plastics surgeons and being a part of the medical line she got the covid vaccine and this vaccine result becomes the reason for her death as per the sources.

Kassidi Kurill

Who Is Kassidi Kurill?

Alfred Hawley her father informs the media,” She told us that this vaccination is completely fine and she takes the vaccination too and its really safe for you as well. You people also received it.” According to his father after taking the first dose of the Moderna Vaccine Kassidi first witnessed pain in the arm but instead of this, she did not have any other side effects. But after taking the second dose her health condition became worst.

Kassidi Kurill Death Reason Covid Moderna Vaccine?

She took the second dose of Moderna Vaccine on 1st Feb and after receiving that some serious side effects were seen in her body. Her father said that she informed us that her beat was fast and she felt like she required a critical care facility. When we reached the ER she started vomiting and we told the doctor that she took the second dose of the Moderna Vaccine and after taking that her health condition becoming serious.

Kassidi Kurill

Her father informed, ” The doctor did a serologic analysis and instantly came back and informed us she was getting very ill and her liver was even not working.” The older sister of Kassidi said that her father was informed her that Kassidi was hospitalized and her health condition was serious but the sudden news of her death was so unpredicted and her death news is really a big trauma for me. I thought that she is going to be fine soon as she would get the IV and came back home but my father knew that she was not going to come home.

Kuril was admitted to the Murray hospital named  Intermountain Medical Center which is a trauma center where the doctor suggested a liver transplant to her as her liver was not functioning and it was the best option to be believed for her survival. Kristin was tried to reach the hospital but due to the coronavirus protocols, she was not allowed, hence she was with the daughter of Kassidi at the home and prayed for her well-being.

Kassidi heart, kidneys, and livers stopped functioning and she was demised within 30 hours at the hospital.


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