There is a case which is confusing many of the people as it seems like one of the Youtubers naming Karl Edward Rice and he is famously known as Karl Rock has stated that he has been blacklisted by the Government of India and they have blocked the entry of the content creator in the country, he has a wife who is an Indian National and is living in the capital of the country Delhi has already gone on to file a petition that she has provided to the Delhi High Court as she has challenged the decision of the government.

Karl Rock

Who is Karl Rock Wife Manisha Malik?

Karl is originally from New Zealand and he is a Youtuber by profession and he is mostly into sharing tips for foreigners who are planning for visiting India, Karl got married in the year 2019 and has been staying with his wife since then in Pitampura, when we talk about last year, the Youtuber was praised by the chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal as he donated plasma in the plasma bank of government.

Why YouTuber Karl Rock Blacklisted By Indian Government

He uploaded a video on Youtube on Friday and the title of the video is that why he hasn’t seen his wife for 269 days as he has claimed in the video that he has been separated from his wife and his in-laws because he has been blacklisted by the Government of India.

Ministry of Union Home that Karl who is the New Zeland National is going to be restricted to enter India until next year as he has violated the rules and regulations that are directed towards his Visa, it has been stated by the Ministry that he came to India on a tourist Visa and now he is carrying out business activities which have been told by an official.

The petition that has been filed by his wife clearly states that her husband has been following all the rules and regulations that are directed towards his visa and there hasn’t been a single complaint that has come against him in all these times that he has been in India, it has been stated in the petition that after he got married to her, he received a visa that is X-2 which is there for children and spouses of the Indian Nationals and that Visa is valid until 2024, it has been stated in the petition that one of the clauses that were in Visa is that he has to exit the country in every 180 days.

The last he came to India was in the month of November in the year 2019, it seems like that the subscribers that he has are in his support and the solution to the problem is going to be decided by the court it seems like.


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