There have been a couple who has been dating each other for quite some time but have been pretty secretive about it, we are talking about Sofia Pernas and Justin Hartley and they have finally opened up after getting married secretly as they got married by conducting a pretty private kind of ceremony, the relationship has been secretive from the public so the timeline of their relationship is something that still needs to be learned and that is the reason that many of the people have failed to understand that how did all of this happen.

Sofia Pernas

Who Is Justin Hartley’s Wife Sofia Pernas?

Many people are wondering that who is Sofia Pernas and how did the happy couple meet each other and here is what we are aware of, according to the IMDB it has been stated that the big break of Hartely happened when he became a part of the show ‘passions’ as he took the role of Fox Crane in the series which he did in 2002, then he went on to play the character of Oliver Green or as people call him ‘green arrow’ which he played in the series of the CW naming Smallville which went on for until 2011.

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Then from there onwards he went to be a part of many of the shows and did a different variety of characters and shows as he even played a stint in the drama which used to be a daytime show ‘the young and the restless’ which he did from 2104 to 2016 and then that year only he probably played the most important role of his career as he played Kevin Pearson who was the character of the highly popular series ‘this is us’ which went to win many awards and the actor was appreciated for his acting skills by the fans.

and in this time when he was busy shining on the small screen, he was kept busy in his personal life too as in the year 2004 he married Lindsey Hartley and after the marriage, they had a daughter after few months but then their marriage came to an end as they divorced each other in the year 2012. after 5 years of that, he married another girl naming Chrisheel Strauss who is a part of the popular Netflix series ‘selling sunset’ and then he went on to divorce her also and now he has again got married to a woman naming Sofia Pernas who is also an actor but she doesn’t have astonishing resume just like her husband, she has been a part of many shows but she hasn’t pulled out a big role yet and it seems like that it is about time.


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