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Who Is Justice K Chandru? The Judge Who Inspired ‘Jai Bhim’ Tamil Movie Suriya’s Character


Who Is Justice K Chandru? The Judge Who Inspired ‘Jai Bhim’ Tamil Movie Suriya’s Character: For all the Tamil, Movie lovers we are here with a most asked question on the internet “Who is Justice K Chandru?” So you guys are at the right place and you will be going to get all the related information on the question which you are searching for. Well, this name is like the film “Jai Bhim”, this is a highly appreciated movie by the audience. The film gets hit and earns a great budget. It is still making the thoughts and viewers are excited about the question. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Justice K Chandru

Jai Bhim’ Tamil Movie based on Justice K Chandru life

The film was directed by the most popular director Tj Gnaanvel. There are two producers in the film named Jyothka and Suriya. The editing credit of the film goes to Philomin Raj and the music composer is Sean Roldan. The production house of the film is 2D Entertainment. The cinematography of the film was done by S.R.Kathir. The was released on 2 November 201 and the running timings of the film are 164 minutes. Whares the film was distributed on the ott platform “Amazon Prime Video.” It is in the Tamil language only.

Jai Bhim Real Story of Justice K Chandru

What forces the audience to watch it is their brilliant and unique story. In this line-up, the film Jai Bhim is doing very well. The star cast is also fabulous, Suriya is playing the lead role in this film and Rajisha Vijayan, Prakash Raj, and Lijomol Jose featuring as supporting roles. The film is highly inspired by a real-life case which was fought by Chandru, who is a senior advocate, who serves mainly for the rights of humans and apparently never charged a single penny for cases that are related to human rights.

The cast of the film Jai Bhim:-

  • Suriya is seen in the film as Chandru, an advocate
  • Lijomol Jose is seen in the film as Sengeni, a pregnant woman from a primitive tribe
  • K. Manikandanis seen in the film as Rajakannu, Sengeni’s husband
  • Rajisha Vijayan is seen in the film as Mythra, a teacher
  • Prakash Raj is seen in the film as Perumalsamy, an inspector general
  • Rao Ramesh is seen in the film  as S. Ram Mohan, an advocate general
  • Baby Joshika Maya is seen in the film as Alli, Sengeni and Rajakannu’s daughter
  • Guru Somasundaram is seen in the film as Chellapandiyan (PP), a public prosecutorASuriya as Chandru, an advocate

Who is Justice K Chandru?

Chandru is the most reputed judge who is fighting for the life of commenters and also helps the poor to let them get all their basic rights. He /almost given 20,000 verdicts in his career till now. He has been run many of the programs for the welfare of the poor. And he is always seen fighting for the poor to provide them justice. He is so simple and he was retired from his post in 2013 and he also traveled in the Suburban train. During his judicial career, he has been pronounced 96,000 verdicts. And this is a big number for any of the judges.

Chandru battled for justice for the tribal community in the year 1995. This movie is particularly based on the case of a tribal woman, who belonged to the Irular community. Her husband was apparently has passed away in the custody of the police. This film is particularly talking about the custodial torture and caste discrimination and biasedness faced by the tribal community.

Justice K Chandru Justice K Chandru

Chandru is an activist-turned-lawyer who went on in order to become a judge in Madras High court. As a judge, he has disposed of around 96,000 cases with many landmark judgments which are related to human rights. A few of his landmark judgments include the ruling about the accessibility of common burial grounds available to everyone in the case of caste. At the time of his career as an advocate, he never charged a single penny for these cases.

Justice K Chandru Justice K Chandru

Not only this but he also battled several cases on the behalf of women, especially those who belonged to the small towns, low-economic backgrounds, and marginalized communities. On 31st July 2006, he became an additional judge of the High court and was made a permanent Judge on 9th November 2009. In the month of March 2013, he retired as a judge.

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