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Who Is Julian Contreras and Kin Coffee Assault Allegations Explained


Who Is Julian Contreras and Kin Coffee Assault Allegations Explained: Social media has become a powerful medium for those people who could not openly express themselves in front of others. The social media sites gave power to those who wants to express the mishappening they faced during their childhood, in workplaces, and in public areas. Talking about the recent news, Julian Contreras, the owner of Kin Coffee Bar SLO, has come under se*ual assault accusations by many ladies this week. Contreras from San Luis Obispo (SLP) is a well-known business owner in the community. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Julian Contreras

Who Is Julian Contreras?

The Internet users and the local people have gone into shock as multiple as 15 ladies have come forward being the sufferer of se*ual assaults by him and fellow business owner Nate Abate. The incident has ensued in social media confrontations between the sufferer and these 2 business owners, while the internet users are stunned as more stories connected to the case have begun flooding in.

Who Is Julian Contreras From San Luis Obispo?

Julian Contreras has become a hot topic and trending name on Reddit and Instagram as the accusations against him have shaken the entire of San Luis Obispo. A lady named Ash Rianne first asserted that Julia had se*ually assaulted her in the month of August 2012 through a series of IG posts. She is active on IG under the handle @ash.rianne.

She disclosed that she met Julian through Nate, and they used to do the party together. In the month of August, Ash and her pal were r@ped by Julian and Nate at the time of the party at the house of Julian. After she shared her story as many as 15 women came forward and confessed their stories to Ash, with most of the sufferers being underage.

Julian Contreras Kin Coffee Assault Allegations

As these crime stories have garnered broad attention, another side of the web has added that the pair of Nate and Julian were notorious for such crimes, but they subdued these cases using their business powers and influence in the community. His coffee business of Julian called the Kin Coffee Bar has a reputed place on both social media and media sites. People are pleased that Ash decided to come forward and tell her story though it took 10 years to do so, and also praised and encouraged other sufferers for coming out.

Kin Coffee Assault Accusations- Is Julian Contreras Arrested?

Julian Contreras has not been detained as of now, as per our close sources. However, the incident has given a hot topic of discussion on the internet, any legal actions and procedures against Julian and his accused crime partner, Nate Abate, have not been lodged yet. In the meantime, Julia has shared an official statement on the case via his business page, quoting taking time to take accountability for the matter personally.

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