Who Is Juan Gastelum, Ex-Boyfriend Of Yanira Cedillos Arrested For Her Murder: According to reports, news came out on the internet that Juan Gastelum has been apprehended in Oregon. The reason for apprehended was for the murder of Yanira Credillos and attempting to hide the body. Now, cops have taken him into custody, and well take care of him. Cops have imposed some allegations and charges on him which were yet to reveal. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Juan Gastelum

Who Is Juan Gastelum?

He was in the custody for the disappearance of 30-year-old Yanira Cedillos, a Moses lake resident. On Thursday, a press conference got held at the Moses Lake Civic Center where Capt. Mike Williams detailed the arrest. He was charged in the case of murder and trying to attempt rape of Cedillos. The MLPD believed that she has already died. They did not comment on Yanira’s disappearance before Thursday as the MLPD did not want to top Juan off about the investigation.

Juan Gastelum was 27 years old when he commits the crime. Currently, he was living in Moses Lake. He has his own house where he and his parents were lived in. His full name was Juan Ismael Gastelum. Many of his friends called him Johnny Trujillo. Juan and Cedillos were met when both visited the park. Juan accidentally met her and started the conversation.

Juan Gastelum Arrested Over Yanira Cedillos Murder

Their first meeting was turned into love and get into the relationship. Now is you observe, then you notice that there is a difference between their first meeting and their present meeting. Everything got changed. Sometimes he called her wife sometimes he not. Usually, he comes at a very late night where he was full drunken and trying to do some nasty things with her. There is no punctuality in him.

Her girlfriend Cedillos went missing on March 4, 2022. She was last seen late March and early March 4 at Papa’s Casino, Moses Lake. She was celebrating her birthday with friends. The MLPD is sure that Juan picked Yanira up in the 900 block of N.Stratford Road and they went back to her apartment at the Heron Creek Apartments. At that time, she was alive, well maintained, and perfectly fine. Everything was going normal.

The last evidence shows that she was still alive approximately seven minutes after they arrived at the apartment. The detectives and other officers are working extra hours to track down the leads and search got Cedillos. Juan Gastelum is Yanira Cedillos’s ex-boyfriend and they once lived together. Spent time together. Yanira’s family reported her missing on March 4.


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