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Who Is Josie Barton? West Monroe LA Racist Cheerleader Age, Instagram and Twitter


Who Is Josie Barton? West Monroe LA Racist Cheerleader Age, Instagram and Twitter: Josie Barton’s is the most searched name on the internet since the day her video is getting viral. She is a teenager who has been a senior cheerleader at A West Monroe High School which is in Lousiana. She has been also using the video streaming app Tik Tok on which she posted one of her videos and this video makes her jump into the infamous spotlight. In this video, a girl is seen involved in a racist line. What she has been a is inappropriate and not appreciable at all. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Josie Barton

Who Is Josie Barton?

She uploaded a video and she didn’t even think twice to upload such racist content. Her words are hurting many people on the web and the users are complete aginst of what she has been using. Many of the netizens are also searching for her to grab the details about her. This behavior of hers has been raised a question at her teachings from her family and also raised the question at her parents. Let’s explore more about it in the article below.

Josie Barton: Age, Instagram, and Twitter

She is being known as the racist cheerleader on the web other than this she is a cheerleader at West Monroe High School which is in Louisiana. And she is also looking forward to going to Prarie View A & M University after she will be graduated. So she is planning her future, but what she commented on the appearances of the others made her such a negative person on the internet.

Josie Barton Racist Cheerleader Viral Video

She has been slammed on the web and social media platforms after she posted her video in which she has been used a racial comment. In the video, we can see that she is sitting inside her car and then she use to be turned her camera at one of the cars standing there after which she yells, “Gotta make sure the doors are locked. We are f**king N***a.”


At the end of her comment, one of the girls use to be taught at it and it seems like the girls are at the parking in front of the store. Many of the users on Twitter are now sharing their opinions on this and they are talking aginst of her now. We can say that she is in the negative limelight.

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