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Who is Joshua Black? Nashville Comedian Claims He was Accused Of Car Break-Ins For Being Black In Viral Video


Who is Joshua Black? Nashville Comedian Claims He was Accused Of Car Break-Ins For Being Black In Viral Video: A video is getting viral on social media and it is making the users amazed. This video is jammed up with a c content which rising questions for the viewers. The content inside the video is showing racism and many of the users are against it. The video has been crossed millions of views. So read the full article to know what exactly a video consists of. So let’s jump into the article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Joshua Black

Nashville Comedian Tiktok Viral Video Explained

The viral video has been shared on TikTok and now it is viral, The video is taking over the internet and it is also getting shared by viewers on their social media accounts.

Joshua’s video has been started with the words “F**K You”, it is when a woman is about to as that “someone broke into her car.” He was also inside his car and editing a video when Karen walked toward him.

And he explained in words, “I use to be live here. And I’m staying here for the last five years, and Karen walked towards me and she peter me. And she says that What I’m doing following her?”

Then the woman was seen getting to indulge in her phone and Joshua ask her whether she is trying to call security? A women replies yes I’m trying to call security here. Then this man asks her whether she needs his help to call them.

Their conversation continues at the parking lot and Joshua that “an individual wore exactly and same what you are wearing.”

He use to laugh at her and ask her “whether this description is me? Who has been entered inside your car?”

And he didn’t stop here and this has been continued.

Who is Joshua Black?

You might e wondering Who is Joshua Black?

He is an influence and he use to post comedy videos on his Tik Tok in which he has been seen asking weird questions to strangers and he has a huge following.

As per the sources and his bio on the websites, it leaves that he has been retrieved from schools many times due to his behAvior. One day he stood at the table and crack jokes at her teacher. After which the school took strong action against him by restricting him from school. He also worked at H&M and also worked as a Tattoo artist.

Stay tuned to us to grab more updates on the same.

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