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Who Is Joseph Jimenez? A Suspected Person Is Arrested In The Connection of Firing In Tiktok Cinema


On the Monday night of 26th July 2021, Rylee and Anthony fell the sufferer to the violence of guns while watching a movie in the Corona film theatre. Both were watching the film “The Forever Purge” when the incident took place. While 18-year-old Rylee was demised on the spot whereas Anthony a year older was hurridly admitted to a hospital and is on the life support system. Now as per the sources, a suspected man is arrested in the connection of firing. The name of the arrested person is Joseph Jimenez who is 20 years old man and is a native of Corona, California. He has been charged with murder and attempted murder after reportedly shooting Rylee Goodrich and popular content creator Anthony Barajas in a theatre.

Joseph Jimenez

Who Is Joseph Jimenez?

On 27th July 2021, The police apprehended Joseph at around 10:30 PM as per the report of Coronaca.gov. The detectives of Corona PD searched his residence in EI Cerrito, before taking him to imprisonment. In the reports,  its further added that the police found and seized “a firearm and supplementary evidence related to the crime spot. The firearm matched with the caliber of the armament used in the assassination.

During the investigation, the police did not found any involvement of Joseph in any gang and the police used the local resources for this and GIT to have a look into the violent crime. As per the report which claims that there was no such motive behind this violent attack and the arraigned was not provoked either. Friends of Joseph allegedly told the cops that he was not acting “strangely” on the night of the incident which made them sneak out of the film theatre.

Presently, Joseph is facing charges of assassination, attempted assassination, and robbery and is being held on around $2,000,000 bail at the Riverside Presley Detention Center.

Joseph is confronted by the Father of Rylee

The Father of Rylee, David Goodrich, allegedly informed the police that his daughter was sending a message to her mother moments before the firing incident and was shot dead. He stated, “She texted her mother how boring and stupid it was, and she did not like the film. That was her last words and It had to be right then.” According to her father who believes that it was a “random attack” and the assassination intended to “steal” from the content creator and his friend.

Content Creator Has Demised After Five Days

The popular TikToker Anthony who suffered gunshot wounds to his head was hurriedly admitted to the local hospital and was placed on a life support system. After five days, on Sunday, 1st August 2021, the Police Department of Corona confirmed that Anthony has passed away due to serious injuries. He was a soccer player and also a social media influencer who had an impressive fan following. On his Tiktok account, he had more than 920,000 followers and on his Instagram account, he had around 40,000 followers.

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