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Who is Jeffrey Epstein? Bill and Melinda Gates divorce link up Jeffrey Epstein?


Jeffery Epstein has been a financier who has had multiple tie-ups with some huge names and many powerful individuals, it was never always the same as he was a Maths teacher in some school in New York and then he went on to be an investment banker for the bank Bear Stears.

Jeffrey Epstein

Who is Jeffrey Epstein?

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates have been having issues since 2013 and one of the main reason that she wasn’t happy in the relationship is that his husband’s tie-up with Jeffery Epstein and she has shown her disinterest in the person and has been pretty concerned about his husband’s connection with the person.

The reason that she has been so concerned as she has also stated about the same that in many of the interviews that she has given to the WSJ and many of the different interviews as she has never hidden the uneasiness she feels and huge concerns that she have about him and her husband’s relationship, she has even stated in on of the interviews that their marriage was ‘irretrievably broken’ and many of the people assumed that the relationship of her husband with a person who has been such a nuisance to this world is one of the reasons that they are going to leave each other.

What is the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce link with Jeffrey Epstein?

Jeffery Epstein and his wife has been involved in sex Trafficking and have been held accountable for it after many years of them continuing acts and the problem is that he had connections with every person who was influential but when you are going to ask people about this then everyone just denies that they know the person as no one wants to be associated with the guy even though many of the celebrities, politicians and many of the business tycoons have been seeing him as there are multiple proofs on the internet that shows that many of the big names used to be friends with the guy but when the allegations started coming and the bubble burst then magically everyone started saying that they don’t know the guy and his wife.

Even the New York Times has stated several times and have reported that Jeffery Epstein and Bill Gates have been having meetings and he has also stayed in his New York townhouse but if you are going to ask him, he is going to deny it with a straight face as no one wants to associate themselves with the guy.


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