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Who Is Jayla and why was 9-Year-Old Arrested At Museum? Explained


Who Is Jayla and why was 9-Year-Old Arrested At Museum? Explained: As per the latest report, a 9-year-old girl was apprehended by the New York Police Department. 5 other people were too arrested along with her for entering the Museum of Natural History in America sans a valid passport. After they failed to display their vaccine passports, a group of anti-vaccine mandate and anti-vax passport agitators were apprehended. When Jayla was imprisoned as a 9-year-old child, several became enraged, and even though people requested for her release the police refused to do so. After her arrest news came to the limelight the netizens are keen to know more about it. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

9-Year-Old Arrested At Museum

Why was 9-Year-Old Arrested At Museum?

6 demonstrators were apprehended by NYPD police officers, including a 9-year-old girl named Jayla, who yelled as cops direct her to a squad car. In the video of Jayla being released, she can be watched embracing her friend Julie, a wheelchair-bound activist apprehended earlier this week for trying to have supper at a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant.


As the group had made a reservation at the museum, security rejected to let them in sans a vaccine passport. An argument exploded whenever security rejected to let a lady in the protesting group use the lavatory. Employees eventually acquiesce to accompany her to and from the restroom.

Jayla: 9-Year-Old Arrested – Parents and Photos

Cops detained 6 freedom fighters, including a nine-year-old child after being insulted and discriminated against for not having their paperwork. Joy, one of the brave freedom warriors, was rejected access to the restroom because she lacked, you know what.

9-Year-Old Arrested At Museum

Another brave member of the group, Mitch, was forced to urinate in a bottle. The mother of Jayla was apprehended, and she was detained and taken in a separate car, though, she was bailed at the station while her mother was inside. All of this happened in an American History museum, of which none of the employees are aware.

9-Year-Old Arrested At Museum

Who is Jayla? 

The full name of Jayla has still needed to be disclosed. She is 9-years-old as per reports. She is from New York; though her personal history is not known yet. It is stated that her mother was also apprehended and her name is Maria. Due to this recent incident, she has got a lot of praise. A musician, and activist, Jimmy Levy uploaded a video of Jayla and the other demonstrators being released from prison, expressing their pride in her and adding that she is fine now.

The news which is very strange and awful to hear has come to our ear that a little girl whose age is just 9 years got arrested for not presenting V card at the NY museum, this news has become a hot subject on the web as users did not like this type of behavior of officials toward this little girl. V card is just like an electronic identity card. Read this article to know what happened to this girl, Is she free or not? All you will get to know in one place.

This matter gained the limelight throughout the world when a little girl got arrested along with other six NYC adults for not showing V card at the American Museum of Natural history. Jayla is the name of that and ‘Jayla Is Free’ a hashtag was trending on Twitter for supporting that girl, Jayla got arrested with her mom for not carrying compulsive documents. Jayla and her mother was just a visitor to the museum and their personal details have not been made public by the officials.

To halt any negative impact or damage in the museum it is a must that children should be kept away from museum stuff and it is unacceptable. Many people came forth in the support of Jayla and raised their voices. A video has been shared on social media in which nine years old girl became free and people cheered for her, in that clip the girl is holding a hand of a woman and coming out of the building in the direction of a woman who is sitting on a wheelchair. However, there is no additional information regarding those women. This video has gone viral on digital platforms and gaining views tremendously on social media.

As of now Jayla’s personal details and her parents’ names have not been revealed yet but as per the video which is trending on social media is mentioned with the name Eric, it is assumed that Eric might be her dad. If we look at the girl’s ethnicity, it is concluded that Jayla and her family are of black ethnicity in America and it is believed by many people that her ethnicity would be the reason for discrimination and humiliation in the museum. Officer took the girl to the police station along with her mother but later both were freed by the police. Stay tuned.

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