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Who is Jay Black from Baltimore? Man Kills Ex-Wife On Facebook Live Reddit


Who is Jay Black from Baltimore? Man Kills Ex-Wife On Facebook Live Reddit: Jay Black who belongs to Baltimore is alleged to have murdered both his girlfriend and ex-wife, Jay started his offense after killing his partner in Federal Hill, he made a social media post claiming that he was heading to Howard county in order to commit his second crime. The police were informed about Jay but they were too late to stop him, after the authorities reached the location, they found his body along with another woman. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Man Kills Ex-Wife On Facebook Live Reddit

Man Kills Ex-Wife On Facebook Live Reddit

The news is coming from Columbia, by the time Rajaee Black streamed threats on Facebook Live outside his ex-wife Wendy Black’s apartment in Columbia, it has been stated by the police that he has killed his ex-girlfriend Tara Labang in South Baltimore. Rajee Black said in a statement in the video that Labang was pregnant at the time he shot her, “It’s the holidays. I have no family. I did something crazy.”

Who Is Rajaee Black?

Jay Black is from Baltimore and he is no more with us, there are multiple reports which suggest that he has committed suicide, for the past few days, the people on social media have been talking about the case, some of the people have been trying to understand the emotions while some believe what he did is unforgivable.

Columbia Suicide Murder Case

Jay Black has been the major suspect behind the Columbia case, as per a recent update. both of the homicides and the murder-suicide case are linked to each other, the video which was shared online, Jay was standing in front of his ex-wife’s house, he confirmed that he had shot his girlfriend on her head.

He was not at all disappointed about his act, he was also ready for his second murder in Howard County, he was then spotted with his former partner, he ran towards her and said, “Today is the day.”, there are many people who have pointed out this and they believe Jay wasn’t an abuser but everyone got surprised when it got out that he is the one who killed both of his lovers.

Who Is Tara Labang?

Tara Labang was a certified nurse Anaesthetist (CRNA) who has been shot dead by her boyfriend in Federal Hill, Tara’s biography has not been featured as of this point in time, her age has been estimated to be around 41 years old, her ex-boyfriend was Jay who was around the age of 40 or 45 years.

The suspect and both victims were nurses. Wendy Black worked at Howard County General according to friends. One started an online fundraiser for her surviving children. Tara Labang worked at Ascension St. Agnes in Baltimore.

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