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Who is Javier aka Unico sobreviviente? Unicosobreviviente TitokTok, Is Javier Time Traveler 2027 Last Person On Earth?


Who is Javier aka Unico sobreviviente? Unicosobreviviente TitokTok, Is Javier Time Traveler 2027 Last Person On Earth?: The world is full of amazing facts and the netizens usually encounter many surprising and unbelievable facts on the daily basis. One such claim or unbelievable fact is currently drawing the attention of social media users and that is a man claimed to be the last human in the world. It’s weird, right? but this claim is currently in the talk of the discussion. The name of the person who made this claim is Javier. Javier is prominent on Tiktok and he claims to be the last person on earth. With his newest post, a man asserting to be a time traveler trapped in the year 2027 is desperate to prove agnostic wrong, sharing uncanny photos of a desolate city in the hopes of proving he is the “Last human On Earth.” Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Javier aka Unico sobreviviente

Who is Javier aka Unico sobreviviente?

TikToker Javier (@unicosobreviviente, which translates to “only survivor”) has garnered over 6 million followers by shooting abandoned sites, automobiles, and buildings on his solitary journeys as a “time traveler”. He is even predicted that humanity will be extinct in only a few years. In his more recent video, which he uploaded on Tiktok was asked to travel to Camup Nou, the home of Barcelona’s football club, and he shared a video of a vacant stadium. People, though, are in the doubt after hearing the assertions on Tiktok, thinking them to be false and that he is only visiting locations when they are quiet.

Javier Time Traveler 2027 Rejected: Unicosobreviviente TikTok Real Or Fake?

On the video-sharing or making app TikTok, the account of Javier has gone famous, and several people are wondering if The Last Survivor is real or not. He does not have his TikTok handle that he manages, to be more particular. He says in a descriptive message on his TikTok handle that “Mi Nombre Is Javier Estoy solo en el Mundo” which means “My name is Javier, and I am alone in the world.”

Javier aka Unico sobreviviente Javier aka Unico sobreviviente

In his TikTok videos, Javier frequently presents him as the sole survivor. In addition to this, he further manifests that everything is empty and that no living beings especially humans are present. He said that he was awakened in the year 2027 and that there is no other person in the city to save him and that means mankind has vanished totally. His username Unico Sobreviviente is a Spanish phrase for the lone survivor. Now it is interesting to watch is his claim will be true or not.

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