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Who Is Jason Tan? Gambas Avenue Accident Victim Critical Condition – Age, Instagram, Family


Who Is Jason Tan? Gambas Avenue Accident Victim Critical Condition – Age, Instagram, Family: Recently, news has come out on the internet that a 20-year-old rider in Gambas Ave has met with an accident, and now he is in the ICU of the hospital and getting some treatment. This incident happened on April 10 when he was delivering the food. In this article, we gonna discuss briefly what exactly happened to him and how met with an accident. Without wasting any time, let’s get started. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Gambas Avenue Accident

Who Is Jason Tan?

Jason Tan was 24 years old. He was a food delivery boy where daily task was to deliver the food to different customers. He makes the minimum wage by just delivering the food. And if he delivers more than 13 customers then he got some bonus. On that day, Jason was trying to reach the target of 13 customers but unfortunately, he can’t do it because he met with an accident. He crashed with a motorcyclist and got major injuries. During the accident, he broke some bones and some wounds on his legs and his arms. The passers-by called the ambulance and called the cops. Luckily, the ambulance reached on time and take him to the hospital. Doctors started his treatment and he was in the ICU.

Gambas Avenue Accident

Gambas Avenue Accident

Cops have started their investigation and put some barriers at the accident scene. They are finding some clues and evidence to know who has done the first mistake. Either the rider or the motorcyclist. They also interrogated nearby shopkeepers and looking each camera. As of now, cops didn’t found any evidence related to this accident. But their investigation is going on.

Gambas Avenue Accident Gambas Avenue Accident Gambas Avenue Accident

Jason Tan: Age, Instagram, Family

His mother Sarah Widjaya very sad after hearing his accident news. A witness came to Sarah and told her that on that day, nobody attended to him and he was left alone until two passers-by rushed to help. He also says if the two passers-by don’t reach him then it was difficult to save him. Thanks to those passers-by who called the ambulance on time.

His mother loves him so much and she can’t see his current situation. As he got multiple injuries. He got internal bleeding, a crushed left pelvis, broken ribs, a broken wrist, lacerations, and torn lips. Doctors say we try our best to save him but if the improvements were not seen in the upcoming days then it’s hard to save him.

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