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Who is Jared Stanga? Jared Stanga Tried To Kidnapped A 11 Years Old Girl


The very shocking news is coming into the headlines from the Escambia country. On 18 May 2021, an incident took place in Escambia Country. The incident has captured in the surveillance video. As we all know, many incidents took place every day in many countries and states which includes kidnapping, rap, murder, and many more. Likewise, an incident happened in Escambia. The incident is that a 30-year-old man tried to kidnap a girl from the bus stop. The girl managed to free herself from him and runs away. Through this post, our viewers will come to know the whole matter and about the culprit.

Jared Stanga

Who is Jared Stanga?

Now, we will tell you the whole incident from the beginning. The incident took place on the morning of 18 May when an 11-year-old girl whose name is Bonal was waiting for the bus at her nearby bus stop. She started playing in the grassy area with a blue slime while waiting for the bus. According to the recording of the surveillance camera, a white SUV comes there and a man came out of the car having a knife in his hand, he runs toward the girl and catches her tightly. He tries to carry her off and take her into his car but she fights back and saves herself.

Also, the man keeps that knife around her neck and threatens her. After saving her life from that man, he runs towards her house crying and shaking. The girl told her parents about her kidnapping, they inform the cops about the girl’s kidnapping. The cops started the investigation immediately. They check the nearby surveillance camera and identifies that man as Jared Stang. The cops him the same day. On Wednesday, he appeared in the court where the prosecutor revealed that Stang has been accused of child neglect including sexual harassment in the year 2007.

In defense, Stanga’s lawyer raised the question to save Stanga. The question has raised for the cops that if they arrested the right as the girl said that she was about to kidnap by an older Hispanic man and Jared is a white man. His lawyer claimed that Stang is living in that area for 14 years. After hearing all the statements, the judge ordered that he has to pay $1 million for attempting kidnapping, a $5,000 bond for battery, and a $500,000 bond for aggravated assault. To know more about this article, stay connected with us and get all the latest updates on this site.

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