Who Is Jared Schmeck’s Wife? Medford Police Department Man Said Lets Go Brandon To Biden On Air: The netizens are currently searching to know about the wife of Jared Schmeck. The name Jared Schmeck got the attention after he told President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Bide n on this Christmas Phone Call, “Let’s Go Brandon.” Around the same time, he states to President, “Let’s Go, Brandon”, which sent his name to the top of the charts. After his kids talked with the President on Friday, Jared Schmeck, a (35-year-old) ex-police officer and energy firm worker from Oregon, informed him of the code on the right for “f*ck Joe Biden.” After the video had gone viral, he afterward stated that he meant no disrespect and that he is a “free thinker and follower of Jesus Christ,” instead of a “Trumper”. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jared Schmeck

Who Is Jared Schmeck’s wife, Amanda Mae Sales Schmeck?

Jared Schmeck tied the wedding knot to his wife named Amanda Mae Sales Schmeck. Griffin Schmeck and Hunter Schmeck are Amanda and Jared’s two kids. When Jared informed President Biden about Hunter at the time of the Christmas Phone Call, Biden mentioned that he, too, has a grandchild named Hunter.

Regarding the controversy that flares up when Jared stated “Let’s Go Brandon” on the Christmas phone call, his wife stated on her Instagram account. She said “My husband may or may not have just told Jill and Joe Biden, “let’s go Brandon” on the phone call.”

Why Did Jared Schmeck Step Out From Medford Police Department?

Sorry to inform you we are not aware of why he left the Police department. Though, we guess he stepped out to open his own business Winema Electric Inc. an electric firm based in Klamath Falls, Oregon. He attained an associate’s degree in electrical science with the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committer in Oregon at the time serving as an electrical apprentice with Winema Electric.

In the month of April 2012, he was employed as a police officer by the Medford Police Department in Medford, Oregon. He started working as an office administrator at Winema Electric Inc. in the month of January 2018. He stepped out of the Medford Police Department on the 15th of July, 2018. Presently, he is serving at Winema Electric Inc. as an office administrator and safety coordinator.

Who Is Jared Schmeck?

Jared Schmeck is the person who recently told First Lady Jill Biden and President Joe Biden on the Christmas Phone conversation, ‘”Let’s Go, Brandon”. But now he asserts that he was just joking and that he has been menaced.

Joe Biden and Jill Biden conducted a round of virtual calls at the NORAD Santa Tracker event and contacted Oregon native Jared Schmeck. Biden and Jared exchanged greetings that recalled the Let’s Go Brandon Internet meme while the two parties were on the virtual chat together.

Jared Schmeck is a police officer and works in an electric company from Central Point, Oregon. Following Schmeck’s Christmas Eve call with the President and First Lady that went viral, he’s on the receiving end of social media backlash. On Friday, December 24, Jared Schmeck became a trending topic on Twitter.

One wrote, “Imagine being a grown man so infantile and disrespectful that you say the slur ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ to the president in front of your own kids and dozens of others. This is a sad time.”

Another wrote, ” It’s gonna trend for the first time in his life, and not in a good way.”

Frustration on policies doesn’t make you use profanity at the POTUS in front of two of your children. You are no follower of Jesus Christ. You are an attention seeker who knew exactly what you were doing. By Giving him all the attention he was looking for,” chimed another Twitter profile.

The President and First Lady were duped into saying ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ during a phone call on Friday, December 24, 2021, by Jared, who seemed oblivious of the online meme’s meaning. Both groups began their farewells after the Bidens finished conversing with the Schmeck family for the NORAD Santa Tracker.

“So, have a wonderful Christmas. Merry Christmas, everyone! “Jill Biden made a statement. Joe Biden wished Jared a happy holiday season, to which the parent replied, “I hope you all have a happy holiday season as well, Merry Christmas and Let’s Go Brandon.”

Let’s Go, Brandon, I agree,” the president replies inadvertently.
Brandon Brown, a NASCAR racer, is the subject of a viral video.

“There will come a day when your kid will look back on this time with a deeper understanding of what you accomplished, and his opinion of you will be cemented for the rest of his life,” another user wrote.

“If you’re a mature man saying “let’s go, Brandon,” you aren’t a grown man,” a YouTube user said.

Amanda also shared a photo on her Instagram account.

My husband may or may not have just told Joe and Jill Biden on the phone, ‘let’s go, Brandon,'” she wrote beside two laughing weeping face emojis.


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