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Who Is Ivory Hecker? Fox 26 News Reporter Ivory Hecker Blasts Network On-Air For ‘Muzzling’, Husband, Wiki, Bio, Instagram!


There is a new drama that is surrounding FOX 26 media house as one of their studio reporters has done something totally unexpected as she has gone on to state something at the time when she was providing the watchers with the weather forecast on Monday evening as she has abused the parent company of the station she is working for as she has stated that Fox Corp.

Ivory Hecker

Who Is Ivory Hecker?

She is the general assignment reporter and she is the fill-in anchor for FOX 26 News that is in Houston, she covered the death of Former President George H.W. Bush and she also covered the visit of Donald Trump to Houston, she was also part of the live scene Santa Fe High school when the mass shooting took place.

She is trying to muzzle her as she went on to announce about the far-right notorious activist group Veritas is going to be releasing the secret recording of the station that they will release on Tuesday and this has become really interesting to see as tomorrow there is going to be some new drama after the recording gets released.

She is a general assignment reporter for Fox 26 and she is working in Houston and she was all set to tell about the heatwaves that are coming in Texas and that is affecting the power outage that is coming across the viewing area as she was turning to the local weather but it seems like that she dropped a bombshell and everyone was pretty shocked to hear what out of her mouth as her viewers,

Ivory Hecker Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Husband, Instagram!

Name Ivory Hecker
Husband Name Jofer Adams
Profession Journalist
Age 32 Years
Famous For Blasts Network On-Air For ‘Muzzling’
Work At Fox News 26
Instagram @real.ivory
Net Worth $10K – 50K US Dollars
Religion Christanity
Current City Houston
Nationality United State

And her colleagues were astonished after hearing her as she stated that before telling you about the story, she is going to let everyone know, and then she stated that the viewers are aware that Fox 26 has been muzzling her as she stated that they are trying to hide some information from the viewers as she declared this pretty casually and then she stated she is not the only reporter that is a subject to what is being happened lately

Then she went on to say that she is going to be releasing some behind the scenes at Fox as she stated that it applies to the viewers, she also stated that she has been talking to a non-profit journalism group naming Veritas and they are going to be releasing these recordings as she told the viewers to tune in at that time and then,

She casually went on to complete the whether forecast report and it seems like everyone at the office was stunned as no one addressed this at Fox 26 after that and it has also been confirmed by the Veritas that whatever she has stated is all true so it seems like that this is getting really interesting and tomorrow is going to be pretty crucial because they are going to be releasing the recordings.

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  1. So for starters, project veritas isn’t “far right,” lol. Far right is essentially totalitarian/extreme hierarchy. Project veritas is an media dogwhistle group that watchdogs for all media, they literally had Ivory Becker on to dog whistle against Fox. Project veritas has almost perfect credibility so far in their reporting so. Literally nothing about them is “far right.”

  2. I hope other journalists step up to report what is truly going on instead of what is being told them by the sold out media giants. I applaud you Ivory for your convictions and standing up against ‘the machine’. Thank you !


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