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Who is Harriet Pavlou? Did footballer star in Soccer Aid clash at Etihad? Age, Instagram!


PE teacher who goes by the name of Harriet Pavlou is getting her work marked by millions of people all over the globe as the Freestyle footballer launches soccer aid, she is a former England and Arsenal youth prospect who has always aimed to “wow” everyone with her amazing skills when it comes to soccer.

Harriet Pavlou

Who is Harriet Pavlou?

She is going to be presenting the crowd with her tricks and flicks at the Etihad which she is going to be doing for a charity fundraiser and it seems like ahead of the event, she has already performed for 55,000 fans who came at the same venue when Tottenham faced Manchester City. Harriet is at the age of 30 and she is hoping her Instagram following which is 210,000 is going to skyrocket as she is going to be performing for the crowd in England for the rest of the World XI. It seems like her freestyle career is already on a boom after her videos which are full of skills are capturing the eyes of the audiences on Facebook.

Harriet Pavlou

Harriet Pavlou Footballer in Soccer Aid clash at Etihad?

So here is a bit more about the trained teacher who lets her feet do all the talking for her, she is so good with her skills that she doesn’t need to back it up with the talk, she played for Charlton Academy and was an Arsenal lady, she gave up her first dream of playing as a professional footballer in the biggest league as it was affecting her studies. She has told Entertainment Website naming Verge, she stated her background was pretty strong when it comes to the footwork but she did give it up because she was in the Academy at the time and her A levels were really bad as her timeline was dedicated towards training, she missed important Academic lessons.

Harriet Pavlou

Harriet Pavlou Age, Instagram

So she left early to fix her grades and to got University and she became a PE teacher as Women’s football didn’t have any kind of certainty at the time she was pursuing the career, things have changed now but back in her time it wasn’t the best of scenarios, but she decided to freestyle as she saw the videos of other people doing it and she related to it in a huge way and she got really invested in freestyle. Global Freestyle founder naming Danny McGhee saw her videos and he has chosen her for a new tv show Under Cover Auditions without even telling her, she passed the live audition which she gave in front of millions of people to join his team.

Name Harriet Pavlou
Profession Footballer
Type Freestyle
Height 5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
Age 31
Instagram @harrietfreestyle
Date of Birth October 13, 1990
Horoscope Libra
Birth Place London, England
Religion British
Nationality England
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