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Who Is Frank R. James? Brooklyn Subway shooting 62-year-old man Suspect – Age, Reddit, Instagram, Photos, and, more!


Who Is Frank R. James? Brooklyn Subway shooting 62-year-old man Suspect – Age, Reddit, Instagram, Photos, and, more!: The New York Police Department has released a photo on the internet that is said to be the person of interest in a shooting incident that happened during the morning rush hours of Tuesday at a subway in New York City. Police are hunting for the prime suspect of this incident and police officers are confident that they have identified the suspect and he might be the guy who causes chaos on Tuesday on New York City subway. Now people are scrounging the web pages for the suspect’s information and the identity of the man who is being seen in the viral posts on social media. Kindly read down this blog till the last word to fetch every information about him. We have extracted a lot of information about the man who is in the image so be sticky with this web page for a while. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Frank R. James

Who Is Frank R. James?

According to the NYPD, that person is a prolific user of Youtube and Facebook who often shares lengthy racist diatribes in which he addresses plenty of topics from the policies of Eric Adams who is the Mayor of New York City to the state of race relations in the US. Kindly look at the next section to read the identity of the suspect.

Frank R. James: Brooklyn Subway shooting Suspect

As per the record, the man who is in the image is identified as Frank R. James. Frank is an old man who is 62 years old at this point in time. Frank has been named the prime suspect in this shooting incident. Reports claimed that the shooting incident took place during business hours on Tuesday morning in Brooklyn around 8:30 AM aboard a Manhattan-bound train between 36th and 56th streets. Take a look at the next section to learn what the NYPD Chief of detectives said about this incident.

Frank R. James: Age, Reddit, Instagram, Photos

James Essig. is serving in the post of NYPD Chief of detectives at this moment. He said, “officers are trying to locate the suspect to determine his link to the subway shooting.” The NYPD has also pulled an image of Frank R. James from a post shared recently on a Youtube channel with the name “profitofdoom008”. In a recent post, Frank R. James also said that he wanted to kill people and he wanted to watch people die in front of his face. That is why police are hunting for him to determine his connection with the shooting incident. Further updates will be shared on this web page.

A disturbed man who railed against Mayor Adams and made bizarre meaning rants on Youtube has been recognized as a person of interest in the savage Brooklyn subway attack that wounded at least 23 individuals Tuesday morning (12th April 2022), stated by Investigating officers. The name of the suspect is Frank James who warned last month that he was “entering the danger zone”- rented a U-Haul van tied to questioning, cops stated at an evening briefing. James stated in one lengthy video that “Mr. Mayor, I am a victim of your mental health program. I am 63 full of anger, full of hate, and full of bitterness.”

He also criticized the mayor for not doing more to fight homelessness. He stated while referring to the subway that “Eric Adams, Eric Adams: What are you doing brother? What is occurring with this homeless situation? Every car I went to was loaded with homeless individuals. It was so bad I could not even stand. I had to keep moving from vehicle to vehicle.”

The New York Police Department stated they were increasing security for Mayor Adams after cops found the videos. James stated in the videos that he had a diagnosed with mental illness and railed against what he called the “horror show” of the mental health service in the city. “What is going on in that place is violence,” he stated about a facility he asserted to get care from.

He described “Not physical violence, but the kind of violence of a child experiences in grade school…that would make him go and get a gun and shooting motherf**kers. The person of interest also ranted about the race issues and asserted that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was proof that black people were treated with contempt in society.

He stated, “These white motherfu***rs, this is what they do. Finally, at the end of the day, they assassinate and commit genocide against each other. What do you think they going do to your black a**?” In his circuitous conspiracy theory, James asserted that a race war would follow the ongoing dispute in Europe.

He stated that “It is just a matter of time prior these white motherfu**ers decide, ‘Hey listen. Enough is enough now. These ni*ers got to go.’ And what are you going to do? You gonna brawl. And guess what? You gonna die. Cause unlike President [Zelensky] over in Ukraine, nobody has your back. The entire globe is against you. And you are against your fu**ing self. So why should you be alive again is the f**king question. Why should a ni*er be alive in this world? Apart from that to pick cotton or chop tobacco or sugar cane.”

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