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Who is FEWOCIOUS? Meet NFL Marter, Real Name, Age, Net Worth


FEWOCIOUS is one of the most successful NEFT creators when it comes to digital media, his real name is Victor Langlois and we are going to be updating you about the artist, he started off creating art when he was just 13 years old in his hometown in Las Vegas. At a pretty young age, his total artwork has sold over $20 million which has made him one of the youngest successful digital artists in the world.



As of now, he is at the age of 18, his real name is Victor Langois, he was born in Las Vegas in Nevada, he is currently working in Seattle in the United States of America, he has a troublesome childhood as he was growing up, he ran away from his abusive household in order to live with his grandparents at the age of 12.

There are no details about his parents and he has never mentioned his family on any of the social media platforms, when he was 13 years old, he was creating Minecraft thumbnails at the time to earn some money as he used to sell them to people, he has stated he has learned photoshop and other programs through using them again and again.

He hasn’t been featured on Wikipedia as of now, in the month of March in the year 2020, he sold one of his digital are pieces which was an NFT on SuperRare, this happened when he was introduced to the world of NFT. He has stated in the interviews, he had no idea about anything before he started to learn about everything as to how NFT works and then he went on to hold many more of his artworks.


He is already the third highest-paid NFT artist, his net worth seems to be still behind the curtains, his most famous work is the NFT collection which he sold for over $2 million at an auction in Christie’s. He has sold about 3000 artworks which can be valued at about $22 million.


He is pretty active on Instagram, he regularly posts his artwork and about any of the events in which he is participating, he has about 27,000 followers on Instagram and has about 57,000 followers on Twitter, he is pretty famous in the digital media industry, and when it comes to popular art culture. His artwork was the reason for crashing the site of Christie’s as all of the buyers were looking for the artwork which has been made by the artist.

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