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Who is Enchantress in Loki? New Villain the or Lady Sylvie Lushton Marvel Loki explored!


Loki is the most and highly appreciated American television series which is brought by Michael Waldron. The genre consists of Action-adventure, rime thriller, and Fantasy. The predecided the series is Naveelous Studios, while Kate Herron was the director in the first season. Loki was released on June 9, 2021. The first season of Loki was highly cherished by the viewers and they have become huge fans of the series now.


Who is Enchantress in Loki?

An American comic book published by DC comics is consists of the supervillainess “Enchantress”. The character has been generated by Bob Haney and Howard Purcell, and it was seen in the Strange Adventures.

Later the character receives some supernatural powers from Loki, who even sculpted her into an agent. Why Sylvie is another Incarnation of Enchantress. She is completely dependent upon Amora, who has been work as a template.

Who is Sylvie Lushton?


Sylvie has seen in the coming in the Dark Reign which was published in 2019, whereas Amora seen earlier in this journey.

It has been concluded that the later version powers are almost the same as the real ones such as strength, speed, stamina. To see the abilities of Sylvia are still to be noticed in the Loki series and MCU.

While the audience is still in confusion whether it was Loki or Enchantress in the episode and it is yet to be confirmed. The Castillian Spanish praises and credited the dub to the character Sylvie.

There is a possibility of MCU Enchantress yet she is under the contr of an unholy or evil Loki, it is also showed that she is also getting extremely to take revenge from her makers. There has been a suggestion about her mind powers.

The first episode of Loki:-

When an iron man went to take a Teessetract in 2012, the story starts from there only. That time Loki got a Tesseract due to hulk and after this Loki ran out from there. After which he teleported and reached Mongolia country.

The second episode of Loki:-

The second episode of Loki was released on June 16, 2021. which is streaming on Diney+. The series has consisted of six-episode.

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