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Who is El Plaga? Scarborough rapper arrested in Fort Erie Airbnb 2 murder


A rapper of Scarborough has been under arrest regard the incident dating back in the month of January, allegedly shooting two women. This makes a rapper to drags her name in the headlines. Christoper Lucas of Scarborough was arrested by the Toronto police and the case is still under investigation. People are now searching for her on the internet so that they can know more about Lucas. We are here with the bio of Lucas. The incident took place at the birthday party.

El Plaga

Who is El Plaga?

The police of Niagara Regional stated, that Christine Crooks, 18 years old, from Toronto, and Juliana Pannuzini, 20 years old from Windsor, were killed while they were at a birthday party in Fort Erie, on 19 January. This was sudden gunfire on them. and it was done by a rapper Lucas. Lucas got arrested with the help of Toronto Police, and she had been faced two first-degree murder charges, sad the investigators of this case.

El Plaga El Plaga El Plaga

The investigation of the case took a long time thus, the Niagara Reginal Police Service, “thanks to the families of the victims or the two ladies those were killed, as their families keep the patience during a long investigation.” Lucas is in custody. Whares as the cops are also ‘thanked the members of the public ad they had been cooperated and assisted them during the investigation.” The Niagara police told that their investigators got assistance from different regional police units, and thees are including OPP, Halton, York, and Durham.

So lets us tell you that the investigation of the case is still going on and Lucas is still in a custody. Christoper Lucas is 22 years old and she is passionate about rapping. Her dream is to become a renowned name in the music industry as the best rapper. So the allegations against her aren’t confirmed but as per the investigation, reports the murder of two ladies were done by her and for the more and confirmed information regarding the same you just have to wait. We will be going to update you on the same platform once we will receive further details.

The families of the ladies kept patience and this is the biggest support o]for the police and finally, the culprit is in the custody. Investigators of this case would thank the families to keep such long patience. Both the families are in the hope to provide justice to their girls.

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