A piece of weird news is grabbing the attention of the newspapers these days in which a wife has been lodged with domestic abuse. As per the reports, Dwayne Haskins’s wife reportedly breaking out of the backup Steelers quarterback’s booth at the starting of this month whereas the duo was in Las Vegas recreating their promise of marriage. As per the report of KTNV, his wife’s name is Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins who faces an atrocity charge of domestic abuse and violation resulting in physical injury trauma emanate the claimed altercation at The Cosmopolitan.

Who Is Dwayne Haskins’ wife?

As per the report, there was an argument between the two regarding the evening plan, after which Gondrezick punched her husband. The exact matter was that without waiting for Gondrezick and her friends, Haskins and his friends went to a nightclub. Haskins is currently 24 years old at a local hospital for the treatment for facial damage and bureaucrats on the scene allegedly got the missing tooth in the room of the hotel. 

As per the report of KLAS, Haskins asked a security guard at The Cosmopolitan that ” I want my wife to be out from the room as she punched me and cut my lip open.” A former State basketball player of Michigan, Haskins-Gondrezick informed police that the duo was married in the month of March and both went to recreate their pledges and to commemorate with friends.

Though the couple will be going to present in front of the court on 3rd August 2021 its seems like the couple has reconciled. Haskins uploaded a picture on social media on Sunday, sparkling her evident wedding band along with a caption, “Can’t make you wait forever, forever and this is forever”. This incident particularly marks the current off-field drama for the former State Basketball player. 

Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins Biography

Dwayne Huskins is the former quarterback player of the Pittsburgh Steelers and his wife’s name is Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins. After dating each other for1.5 years, Dwayne and Kalabrya were tied the wedding knot on 19th March 2021. The duo began dating in the year 2019. Currently, Kalabrya facing the accusation of domestic abuse and imprisonment recently.

She is currently 23 years old and was born on 27th July 1997. As mention in Kalabrya’s bio, her father’s name is Grant Gondrezick and her mother’s name is Lisa Harvey-Gondrezick. Calabria’s father was a member of Phoenix Sun and NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers for the 5 seasons. In 1988 her mother was also a member of Louisiana techs. She also has a sister and her name is Kyser Gondrezick and a brother too whose name is Jr. Gondrezick


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