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Who Is Dr. Daniel Aronov and Why was He Banned on TikTok? Age, Wife, and Net Worth


Who Is Dr. Daniel Aronov and Why was He Banned on TikTok? Age, Wife, and Net Worth: There is a cosmetic surgeon named Dr. Daniel Aronov who got spotted with his wife Candice inside the cafe after a current affair got scuffled by an unknown man, there is an emerging Tik Tok star who is pretty famous with the name of Dr. Daniel Aronov and he has been banned from cosmetic surgery. It has become a piece of trending news as of this point in time, the most followed surgeon on Tik Tok is forbidden when it comes to performing any practice or surgery and he has been ordered to remove his social media post, he seems to be a Tik Tok star and an expert when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Dr. Daniel Aronov

Who Is Dr. Daniel Aronov?

He is quite famous on TikTok, his page is under the handle @dr.danielaronov, he has racked up a million fan followers on Tik Tok account which has been deleted a week ago, Daniel is a senior associate of the controversial clinic owner Dr. Daniel Lanzer, he has been the talk of the town due to A Current Affair investigation into cosmetic cowboy surgery practices, including AHPRA inquiry.


He is a renowned cosmetic surgeon and the most popular on the Tik Tok stat with over 9.3 million followers before he deleted his account two weeks ago. Daniel’s age is under the radar now, by taking a look at his pictures, he seems to be around 35-40 years of age. Even though he is pretty popular, Daniel has no legit Wikipedia page. His social media account has been deleted temporarily, his name has been highlighted in the news today and we are going to be telling you the reason for the attention that he is getting on the internet as of this point in time.

Dr. Daniel Aronov Age

Daniel and his partner, Candice have been married for years now, they get spotted together in a cafe when a bearded man identifies him as a surgeon and approached him, Reportedly, one of the patients of Aronov aged 42 was found by her partner in a critical condition on 16th November in Sydney. She was quickly taken to St Vincent’s Hospital hours after undergoing a tummy tuck and liposuction procedure which was done by Dr. Aronov at the Surry Hills Day Hospital. Daniel has denied it and he is saying “he has resigned from the position and has taken some time off now.

Why was Dr. Daniel Aronov Banned on TikTok?

He has been banned from performing any kind of surgery, he can work as a general practitioner under expert guidance, it seems like this part of the story is going to be scratched upon a little bit more and we will come back to you with some more updates on the story.

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