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Who is Dr. Ali Seifi, HICC AWAY ON ‘SHARK TANK’ – Cost, how it works, and more


Who is Dr. Ali Seifi, HICC AWAY ON ‘SHARK TANK’ – Cost, how it works, and more: We are here with the 12th episode of “Shark Tank”, as there has been an update from its 12th episode. There is a haunting of the new and very useful device called Hicc Away which is mainly for curing the hiccups. So you must be wondering who is the founder of this device. So let us tell you guys that it is founded by one of the neurosurgeons Dr. Ali Seifi. The show was aired on Friday. Let’s not delay anymore and grab the written update of the previous episode of Shark Tank. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Dr. Ali Seifi

Who is Dr. Ali Seifi?

Dr. Ali Seifi is an associate professor at UT Health San Antonio in the Department of Neurosurgery and he has been serving as an attending Physician. He is an experienced MD of 26 years, in the medical field. He said that the product has been invented by him when he ad tarted a lot of patients who are suffering from hiccups problems. Hiccups are sound so normal and also sound that it’s not a big deal but those who are diagnosed with it, know t better than how harmful it is.


A name of a device is Hicc Away and this is for medical use only and the dr. later realized that it would be useful for each and every household or for an individual. So in the series camos up with his marketing experts Amanda Azarpour and Victoria Fehliberg, so that he could get help for better and stronger pitching.

And the biggest question is, How this hiccup device works?

But before this, it is necessary to know how hiccup happens and why? A hiccup is a sudden spasm of the diaphragm muscle which occurred during regular breaths. So what is the diaphragm, it is a muscle that is under your ribcage. And it is innervated by the phrenic nerve it comes out from your neck to the part of the chest.

Hicc Away is a device that allows an individual to get rid of sudden hiccups. So all you need is to take is a glass of water then put the L-shaped device just like a straw and then take a sip. The device costs you $14 and if you will bought more pieces then each device will cost you $11.

Stay tuned to grab more details on the same.

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