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Who Is Derek Taylor, Meet MTV 16 And Pregnant Jordan Cashmyer Boyfriend – Age and Instagram


Who Is Derek Taylor, Meet MTV 16 And Pregnant Jordan Cashmyer Boyfriend – Age and Instagram: Derek Taylor, the ex-boyfriend of MTV reality star Jordan Cashmyer is being searched on the web after the death of her ex-girlfriend. The pained demise of Jordan Cashmyer has made people curious about Derek Taylor and Derek Taylor’s whereabouts. Read the given below paragraphs to know in detail regarding this subject. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Derek Taylor

Who Is Derek Taylor?

Derek Taylor is a gut who has appeared in an MTV reality show titled 16 and Pregnant along with her girlfriend Jordan Cashmyer. Jordan Cashmyer became pregnant at the age of 16 with his boyfriend Derek Taylor which later became the reason for his prominence. When the parents of Jordan Cashmyer came to know about their daughter’s pregnancy they refused to accept the truth and kicked her out of the house. Derek Taylor and Jorden Cashmyer became homeless effectively and Derek never showed his interest in working and the couple did not have friends or family to take them in.


Jordan Cashmyer Boyfriend Derek Taylor

On 7th March 2014, their daughter took birth named Genevieve Evie Shae Taylor but despite his daughter’s birth he never showed his willingness to work and continued with similar behavior as before that became the reason for their split when they finished the filming of the episode. Initially, Jordan’s stepmother and father took custody of Genevieve along with Derek. In 2014 Derek Taylor disclosed that Jordan Cashmyer was involved in a strip joint and later she was hospitalized for her mental health issues and suicidal behavior. And reportedly she was also arrested in that year for drug possession.

Derek Taylor

After the demise of Jordan Cashmyer, her early 30’s boyfriend has come to the internet’s spotlight again but he is not featured on Wikipedia. It seems that he preferred to live a private life as he always kept away himself from the media limelight, according to reports he is holding the citizenship of America. There is also no information regarding his career, we are unaware whether he started working or doesn’t have the wills to work just like in 2014.

Derek Taylor

According to the reports, Evie is now with his father Derek, and Derek’s family. Evie lost her mother Jordan Cashmyer on 16th January 2022 but nobody revealed the cause of the death of Evie’s mother. There are no additional details regarding Derek Taylor’s second marriage as he was seen in an affair with Cella in 2017 but it is assumed that he might be living single for now and taking care of his daughter Evie. Jordan Cashmyer was only 26 years old.

We are here with the disheartened and heartbroken demise of Jordan. Eyes must have seen the walls famous show “16 and pregnant”, this show is based on the real-life stories of the women who have to hide their pregnancy from their families due to some of the circumstances have been stuck in. So Jordan was also a part of the show and seat shared her story of hiding her pregnancy from her family how she struggle to give birth to her daughter.

Her story is so hurt-touching and she faced lots of issues and problems giving the verb birth to her daughter. She was in her college time when she met her lover after which both of them spell for each other and the time she got pregnant. The name of her lover is Derek Taylor, was used to be living with each other Derek’s family denies accepting Jordan after which Apple decided to live separately from their families. Both were living happily in 2014 Jordan gave birth to her daughter whom they named Evie. But they face lots of issues and have been through hard times. But being a parents’ first child they were so happy to receive Evie in their life.

On the show, Jordan told that so focused on her career that she want to join Army but for Derek and got pregnant. After which she have to skip her career and this is what made her sad but she had the happiness of receiving a new life their life. She even told in the show that the situation was so that separate they were homeless I was about to give birth.

Didn’t even get any help from their families to know their love for their daughter. It wasn’t easy for them to be been through that time but they successfully passed that time happily receive the first child. Show the exact cause of death hasn’t been unveiled on the web Kate and she passes away so early as he was just 26 years old. Later Jordan and Derek after the show and they weren’t able to care for their daughter properly. She faces back the custody of her daughter to Derek’s mother in 2015. As she was going through some of the mental health issues she had thoughts like suicide and some addictions too.

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