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Who Is Deputy Isaac Eames, Off-Duty Officer Shot At Home – Age, Wife, Photos, and, more!


Who Is Deputy Isaac Eames, Off-Duty Officer Shot At Home – Age, Wife, Photos, and, more!: Deputy Issac Eames has been shot to death recently, this tragic death is causing a devastating environment in Onondaga County, it has been reported that Issac Eames was shot to death at his residence at the Riverview Road in Clay during the time when he was off duty. His family and relatives are mourning and people are pouring tributes to him on social media and people are searching for the authentic details of the murder of Deputy Issac Eames if you are also looking for a full explanation of his death then you have to read all the paragraphs of this article that are placed downward so scroll down this page. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Isaac Eames

Who Is Deputy Isaac Eames?

Issac Eames was serving on his post since 2010 for over a decade and he was 48 years of age at the time of the shooting incident at his home, it is already mentioned above that he was off duty at that time and Issac was not the only victim of the incident as two other family member were also injured in the shooting incident but they have been rushed to the nearest hospital and reportedly both are in a critical situation. The identities of the two members of his family haven’t been revealed by the police as it is a matter of their security.

Isaac Eames: Age, Wife, Photos

After the shooting incident, police is halting the public from coming near to the crime spot and officers also have blocked the Riverview way between Ethel roads and Black Creek, This incident was reported to the police by an old woman who is 46 years old, at Riverview Road 4410 at 7:30 AM. Officers declared Deputy Issac Eames dead at the spot and further called two more ambulances when they got to know about other victims of the incident. Issac’s died due to the shots were fired at him by the culprit but how many shots were fired at him is not clear for now.

He is the Deputy officer who was working at the Sheriff’s office for Onondaga County since 2010. His family details have been kept secret from the public due to the ongoing investigation into the death case of Issac Eames, by digging the details of this case we found that Karen Eames is one of the two injured family members of Issac Eames, Karen is a secretary of the Liverpool High School and the consequence of this shooting is that Liverpool High School has called off all sporting events for Monday night.

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