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Who is Dean Boxall? Australian Swim Coach Dean Boxall Clip Goes Viral At Tokyo Olympics


Ever since the Olympics started, it has been a topic of discussion for one reason or the other. Sometimes because of a player’s victory, sometimes because of a player’s defeat, it is attracting the attention of the world. The Olympics is the most popular sports event in the world anyway, due to which the world likes to watch it. As we previously shared that Ariarne Titmus won the gold medal after defeating the five-time champion Katie Ledecky which makes his coach proud of her.  A video of her coach went viral on social media in which he viewed celebrating the defeat of Katie at the Olympics. 

Dean Boxall

Who is Dean Boxall?

Australian female swimmer beat the US world record holder and top medal contender Ledecky in the category of 400-meter freestyle in the 2020 Summer Tokyo Olympics. Though she won the gold medal her coach grabs the attention of the viewers and stole the show. Her coach broke into a transparent wild celebration from the gallery.

Her coach’s name is Dean Boxall, who was caught on camera taking off his mask and jumping in the ais as Titumus defeat her long-time opponent. He was so happy that even a security officer who was at the venue was not able to make him calm down. Apart from winning a gold medal, Titmus made a record second-fastest time in the history of the Olympics, defeating 24-years-old favorite Ledecky by a small margin of 0.67 seconds.

Titmus’s timing was recorded at 3:56.69 whereas her opponent’s timing was recorded at 3:57.36. The bronze medal was taken by BJ Li who is Chinese swimmer who recorded the time of 4:01.08. After watching the reaction video of Boxall, a TV Guide editor Mandi Bierly made a tweet, “If Katie Ledecky had to be defeated by Titmus in the 400m freestyle race, at least we got this out of it.”

Australian Swim Coach Dean Boxall Viral video

The legendary swimmer can Thorpe made a comment during a commentary at the sports event that said, “Boxall is the kind of person who does wear his heart on his shirt.” After hearing his remark, the passionate and dedicated coach was found to be in tears when he watched Titmus walked on the podium. Titmus said “It was actually found to contain it. I saw my coach Dean on another side exclaiming his eyes out. He means everything to me.”

She further added, “We had never had any discussion about what I wanted to do in the swimming pool. It was such a fun and a proud moment. We have tried hard and practiced this so far. When I step down in the pool I know what I had to do.”

At the ASCTA Awards, This head coach of Queensland was recently awarded the title of “Australian Age and Youth Coach of The Year 2020”. He is currently 43 years old and was born in South Africa but migrated to Australia along with his family in his early childhood.


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