In the last week, A Disk Jockey who is popularly known for conducting vociferous parties in  Washington Square Park was taken into imprisonment after causing months of anarchy for the people who live in the close-by areas. The native near the locality draw attention to NYPD to banish hundreds of partygoers after the curfew at midnight was imposed due to awake of an ongoing lethal pandemic. As per the report, On 21st July 2021, David ‘Shaman” Ortiz was imprisoned around midnight after he treads in front of a police car in an attempt to stop them for dismantle the crowded Greenwich Village gathering.

David 'Shaman' Ortiz

Who is David ‘Shaman’ Ortiz?

Though, he got bail soon after he was arrested. As per the sources, Ortiz was lodged with wrongdoing for hindering governmental administration. He gave a statement a day after his arrest, “They tried to run me over”. Apart from this he also shared a clip of a video of the starting of the altercation on his social media account. Ortiz, a 29-year-old has been conducting and coordinating parties, which bring out huge crowds in the Square Park during midnight at closing time.

David 'Shaman' Ortiz

Ortiz, 29 is a DJ and leads a group and the name of his group is “We Outside Crew”. In the month of June 221 informed the neighbors of Washington Square Park “you should move” if they were not comfortable or did not like Ortiz after-hours parties in the iconic park. Ortiz is also an ex-city employee who previously left the staff of District 37  Councilwoman Darma Diaz (D-Brooklyn). The squad claims to be “lay-outing positivity with the help of social justice and music” but besides it, it has caused a lot of disturbances and problems in the park that increase the anger of neighbors and led to heated meetings of the local community.

A board meeting of Greenwich Village community disbands into disorder on 21st July 2021 hours before the apprehend of Ortiz. The meeting of the community was one of the variables that have been gathered to discuss the vicious illegal activities which have overrun New York City’s Washington Square Park in the last months. At the Community Board 2 meeting, there was a clash between late-night party organizers, attendees with local residents which led to the reason for his arrest and promotion by police oversight activities. Ortiz takes his side at the board meeting and said he is the host of illegal parties and the boxing matches and says that he and The We Outside Crew were giving service to the community.


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