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Who Is David Mora, Sacramento Church Shooting – Wife Daughters Shot Dead – Did He Suicide?


Who Is David Mora, Sacramento Church Shooting – Wife Daughters Shot Dead – Did He Suicide?: Five casualties have been registered in an incident that took place at a church when a father shot down his three daughters and a chaperone. The name of the father of three daughters was David Mora who allegedly killed his own daughters and after killing them took his own life by pointing the gun toward himself. Since this news has broken out on the web people have been horrified after listening to this news and scrounging the internet pages for the explanation of this news if you are looking for the same then read down all the sections of this news in which we have discussed all the aspects of this incident. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

David Mora

Who Is David Mora?

As we have mentioned above David Mora was the murderer of his own daughters and a chaperone this incident happened on Monday in the church’s main hall. This incident was reported to the officers by a worker of the church. And police reports claimed that there were five casualties in the main room of the church and also got to know that shooter pointed the gun on himself after shooting the four victims of the incident. But the big question is what could be the reason behind this action of a father. Let’s discuss this in the following section.

David Mora: Sacramento Church Shooting

According to the reports provided by The Sacramento Bee News, David Mora’s partner demanded a restraining order from the court against David and his daughters as she said to the court he was dangerous for her family and she claimed that he is not mentally stable but however he got the supervise visits orders from the court to meet his daughters but the supervised visit turned into a horrifying incident when he killed his three daughters and a chaperone with an assault rifle and in last took his own life by shooting himself with Ar-15 gun.

David Mora: Wife Daughters Shot Dead

According to the reports we have got to know that his full name was David Fidel Mora and he was 39 years of age at the time of the incident in which he killed himself due to getting restrained from her girlfriend and daughters. Reportedly, this incident took place in a church in Sacramento. Reportedly, before this, he was charged for several offenses such as drunk driving. He was allowed to meet his daughters only under supervision. The details of the fourth victim of this incident have not come out yet.

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