On Tuesday, 29th June 2021, the journalist of Veteran CityNews, Cynthia Mulligan took his Twitter account and shared a piece of tough news. She informed me that her breast cancer has returned back. In a series of tweets which she shared that “It is easier for me now as I have gone through this before but at the same time it is also difficult for me as it is not easy to face all this again but still, I have hope. Cynthia Mulligan’s cancer fight began eleven years ago. At the time of treatment, she began to spread the awareness with the help of her blog, Kicking Cancer, on the website of CityNews and the attempt seemed to end in victory.

Cynthia Mulligan

Who is Cynthia Mulligan?

Though, she informed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer of stage 4 two days before Christmas last year. She further says since February she has been part of a trial of the drug for targeted chemotherapy and “I also faced the side effects of this which are tough but….it’s worth it. I also had a CT scan and the therapy is working!! The issue of cancer is not thriving and in fact, it has shrunk by around 30%, so do not count me out.”

She declared that after 30th June 2021, she will be taking leave this summer to paid attention to herself. She also said “Cancer puts life in outlook”, she wrote in her tweets and has hopes to spend a lot of time as much as possible with her two cute daughters and her companion Stef. She further wrote, “All I ask and want all of you that if you look at me please don’t look at me like a sick person. In fact, look at me like that a person who is loving to live every second of this beautiful thing we call life. I am not living with cancer, it is just extracting a difficult ride on my superb life.

Cynthia Mulligan is a Canadian television presenter on a news channel. She is currently working as a journalist on CityNews at a 6 as an education specialist. She even gets nominated for a Gemini Award in the category of best local reporting. She was diagnosed with breast cancer.


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