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Who is Curtis Sliwa? NYC Mayoral Candidate Rejects Antisemitism Claims, Wiki, Net Worth explored!


Curtis Silwa has been in the news in the news headlines today due to the antisemitism against jews is now rejecting it. He is the activist, founder, and CEO of radio talk show host at Gauradaian Angels and a famous political too. He has been also selected for the mayoral election of New York City 2021 as the nominee of the Republican Party. He was born on March 26, 1954. Silwa created Guardian Angels in May 1977, to talk about the violence and come happening in New York City.

Curtis Sliwa

Who is Curtis Sliwa?

Silwa in the year 2016 has become a leader of the Reform Party, New York City successfully. Whereas the party faced the biggest problem and that was they lost their access to the ballot in the 2018 election.

In 2019, in an interview, Silwa claimed that he used to hate the president of the Republican party of Umotrd states, Mr. Donald Trump nd he even used to call him “Screwball and Crackpot”. When Donald Trump left the party in 2021, Curtis Silwa used to switch the party and become the nominee of the Republican party. And now he is running for mayor of New York city bring a Republican.

A video of 2018 has been surfaced this week of the candidate of the republican party for mayor of NYC, he went against orthodox Jewish for trying to get back one community. The CEO of Radio talky company refuses to ask for an apology to the media in one of the interviews, instead of talking about this matter he denies taking its step to solving the differences.

Silwa has given a statement in which he said, “I’m a father of two sons those are raised Jewish hence it will be the most advertising thing if they asked me about an antisemite.’ He accepted to resolve the difference in the hope that everything will be going to be fine.

In the original video, Silwa has seen saying that orthodox “bloc vote” used to control the politicians as they have enough money. Silwa also added that they do not even vote like the common people- they were told or instructed by the Rabbi to them.

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