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Who Is Corbin Johnson From Jacksonville Fl? Kidnapped Tiktok Song Explained


Who Is Corbin Johnson From Jacksonville Fl? Kidnapped Tiktok Song Explained: In 2018, a young boy named Corbin Johnson went missing and later, was found dead. The news about him has gained huge attention from people at that time. It was heartbreaking news for everyone who got to about it. He was only 18 years old at the time of his death. His family is still in deep grief after his death. His death was a shock to everyone, especially to his family and known ones. Recently, a rapper has dedicated a song to Corbin Johnson that is going viral on the social media platform. In this article, we have brought all the details about the incident and the song dedicated to Corbin. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Corbin Johnson

Who Is Corbin Johnson From Jacksonville Fl?

As per the sources, Corbin Johnson was 18 years old boy who went missing and faced a tragedy after being abducted. The incident took place in the year 2018. Basically, he was from Jacksonville, Florida where he was last seen on 11 July 2018. After a year, in 2019, the remains of his body were found. After being reported, the police officers have investigated the case seriously and said that it was unusual. His remains were discovered on the Northwest side of Jacksonville, Florida, his remains were packed in a bag. After investigating the case, the police officials stated that Corbin was kidnapped and then killed.

Corbin Johnson Tiktok Song lyrics  explained

Recently, a famous rapper whose name is Foolio released a song, which he dedicated to Corbin Johnson. The song has been gained millions of views. Several people have liked the song and appreciated the rapper. The song is also getting viral on Tik Tok where people have been making videos on it. However, the song has received mixed reviews for the song. Some people called him insensitive, while some others were surprised to hear the lyrics of the case. Few lyrics of the song are mentioned below:

“Corbin got kidnapped
They found his bones he was rot, meechy was the boss,
they knocked his a** off, and John acted a fool
till they walked his a** down…” and so on.

The lyrics of the song are giving an offensive vibe to several listeners. Some people have been criticizing the rapper for being inconsiderate of the victim’s family. Corbin’s dead body was found when a man was working in the wooded area. His remains were wrapped in a bag, the police said. Later, the case was investigated as a homicide. The police have kept the details confidential of the case. If we get any updates then we will update you definitely. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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