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Who Is Coach Cal aka Callan Perks, Canadian Kid Who Brought Ellen To Tears By His Peterborough Petes Speech Goes Viral


Who Is Coach Cal aka Callan Perks, Canadian Kid Who Brought Ellen To Tears By His Peterborough Petes Speech Goes Viral: A seven-year-old boy become popular on social media after a video went viral whose name is Callan Perks also known as Coach Cal. many people have watched the video and got impressed by the kid. But what it was actually? How did it become viral on the internet? Read down the full article to know more about this trending issue like Callan Perks’s age and Wikipedia and his social media accounts and his speech. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Coach Cal aka Callan Perks

Who Is Coach Cal aka Callan Perks?

After becoming popular on social media, Callan Perks got a chance to meet a famous TV host named Ellen Degeneres which further help Callan Perks to get more attention throughout the world. Callan Perks also called by some people Coach Cal’s and his mother’s name Lara Perks but his father is still away from the limelight of his son due to which his name is unknown for now. But his mother is proud of her son Callan Perks right now.

Coach Cal aka Callan Perks Speech Video

Callan Perks’ mom’s partner is named Krystal and due to his vogue, they have to manage their time schedule according to their son’s interview and TV shows. They said that everything happened suddenly to their family and everything become crazy. Most people say that Callan Perks is a down-to-earth and humble child.

Coach Cal aka Callan Perks Net Worth and Contract

Callan Perksis currently just seven years old and he is a big fan of hockey games from Ontario, Canada and Callan Perks’ love for games made him popular and viral on social media platforms. Callan Perks has also twin sisters with them he is very close by heart. Callan Perks’s viral video has been watched by millions of people and that led him to various TV appearances and interviews like the Good Morning America and Ellen Degeneres Show and many more. When he appeared in Ellen’s show, his speech made a famous comedian personality cry in front of the camera nonetheless, Callan Perks is able to give a speech that anyone will what he speaks in their soul.

Coach Cal aka Callan Perks: Instagram and Parents

Callan Perks is normally called by people with Coach Cal’s name who is a young face of ice. Callan Perks’s speech video in Peterborough went viral and peoples become surprised by a seven years boy’s heart-warming oration to players. If here anybody is a fan of hockey game then he must listen to seven years old boy Callan Perks’s lesson. Callan Perks is currently doing studies in school and his mother managing her son’s timetable for TV shows and appearances.

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