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Who is Christopher Collins From Houston? Arrested with Murder of his wife Yuan Hua Liang


Who is Christopher Collins From Houston? Arrested with Murder of his wife Yuan Hua Liang: A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines from Houston and is gaining much attention from the people. The news is about a man who killed his wife at home. Yes, you read it right that a man named Christopher Collins killed his wife for money. The news has been circulating widely on social media. People are continuously responding to the news. Also, people are praying for a woman’s soul. Everyone is shocked that how can someone kill his wife just for money. In this article, we are going to give you all the details of the incident and about the man. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Christopher Collins From Houston

Who is Christopher Collins From Houston?

As per the sources, the woman was found dead in her house in Houston, Texas. She was shot and killed as there is one wound on her body that was a gunshot on her head. In the beginning, it has been thought that it was a deed of an intruder but later, it was observed that nothing was missing from the house and the woman’s life was taken. She was married to Christopher Collins. The couple were living together for 8 years in the house where she was found dead.

However, when the police started the investigation of the case and searched for evidence. Several things made it clear that the woman was actually killed by her husband, Christopher Collins. There is another thing that proved the same thing that her husband killed her as the couple signed for insurance of $250,000 for the woman and she was killed exactly after 2 days of signing.

Talking about Christopher Collins, so he is a former military veteran. He holds American nationality. He is a retired officer who was living with his wife in Houston, Texas for 8 years. However, there are no details that whether they share any children together. They did not have any children. His wife’s name is Yuan Hua Liang.

The couple was married to each other for several years. Although, Yuan left the world as she was killed by her husband after being shot. As per the sources, he killed her for money as they both signed for insurance of $250,000 that was for life. So, he did this to get insurance money. Christopher Collins was arrested and is set at a bail of $150,000. His first court hearing was postponed due to his mental health issues. Christopher Collins is 41 years old, however, his exact date of birth is not known. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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