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Who is Chris Chan? All You Need To Know About Sonichu Creator!


Christine Weston is at the age of 39 and he is famously known as Chris Chan and he has been trending online after there have been details of her love quest that are being surfaced on the internet, He has gained a lot of fame and has become a popular Youtuber as he is the creator of the Sonichu web series. He has been identified as a male originally but over the years he discovered her identity as a transgender woman, and since then she is getting trolled for creating a comic that has been full of controversies and also the inappropriate behavior that she has shown.

Chris Chan

Who is Chris Chan?

In the year 2000, she went on to release her webs series naming Sonichu and her vision was to create a character that is going to have the traits of Pikachu and Sonic The Hedgehog, In the year 2007, the comic went completely viral and Encyclopedia Dramatica even went on to mock Chris Chan for the kind of comics she was making which were ridiculing women, there was a pattern that was being seen in her comics which was seemingly coming out as homophobic and was being stated at the time, she is manipulative and is a narcissist.

Chris Chan Starts Trending On Twitter After Admitting To Raping 80-Year-Old Mother

Chris Chan

Sonichu Creator Chris Chan Left Twitter Scandalized

In the year 2011 in the month of September, she started claiming that she is a “tomgirl” as she was at the time going through dysmorphia of gender and it has been stated, her parents were disapproving of her identity and in the year 2016, she became a transgender and she also changed her name to Cristine.






Youtuber got an orchiectomy as she went on to change her gender and came out as a bisexual and recently she has also been the part of the controversy as she has admitted to sexually assaulting her mother who is at the of 80 and it has been further stated, her mother is also suffering from dementia, The conversation of Chris Chan which was about having a sexual relationship with the mother is surfacing online and there have been some explicit details that have been exposed of the alleged rape.

Chris Chan

Chris Chan Sonichu Comic Police Involvement

There has been information on Twitter which states, the Greene County Police has gone to visit the Chandler residence to check on the family after the rumors were circulating on the internet, as of now, her mother is at a senior care inspection health facility for some check-ups and Chandler has been removed from the premises for the time being.

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