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Who Is Charlotte Bellis? Why She Rejected By New Zealand And Sent To Taiban Explained!


Who Is Charlotte Bellis? Why She Rejected By New Zealand And Sent To Taiban Explained! Recently, there was news coming out that a journalist named Charlotte Bellis from New Zealand, took help from the Taliban because she was stuck in Afghanistan due to COVID-19 restrictions and can’t go back to her homeland. The reporter shared her experience from the Taliban to her homeland and published her full story in The New Zealand Herald media publications on January 8, 2022. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who Is Charlotte Bellis

When the Taliban offers you a pregnant, unmarried woman safe haven, you know your situation is messed up. The journalist felt that she was expecting a child with her partner in September 2021 after returning to Qatar from Afghanistan following an assignment in Kabul. But after spending so many days in Qatar she realized the fact that in Qatar it is illegal to have a pregnancy outside of marriage. Bellis went to stay in her partner’s hometown in Belgium.

Who Is Charlotte Bellis

However, she wanted to welcome her child to her own birthplace and started applying for New Zealand’s MIQ (Managed Isolation and Quarantine) lottery. She tried many attempts but she remained unsuccessful in getting a spot to return to her country. In the meantime, she could not extend to stay in Belgium beyond a certain point of her lack of citizenship, and hence, she ended up going back to Afghanistan. Bellis claims that she contacted a Taliban official and explained her situation to the person.

Despite the fact that pregnancy without being married comes under a taboo in their society. Bells were aware of this fact and granted permission to stay in the country. She also wrote about the response that she got from the officer.

Why She Rejected By New Zealand And Sent To Taiban Explained!

It’s True that you both are foreigners and we respect you both from the bottom of our hearts. Just tell people that you’re officially married and if it escalates, call us. Don’t overthink. Everything will be fine. Further, Charlotte Bellis revealed that her request for emergency MIQ (Managed Isolation and Quarantine) was also rejected in New Zealand. The situation left many disappointed especially me and my husband and created a stir on social media. The journalist also added that her application was finally sent and its current status is still in review following the online buzz and discussion among prominent circles.

She shared this news on Instagram and says

Some exciting news from @jimhuylebroek and me. We are expecting of coming to a new family member in May. We will remain working in Kabul and hope to return to New Zealand and give birth in my home country. We can’t wait to welcome our little girl to the wonderful world. We call our friends, our family members to enjoy this happiest moment.

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