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Who is Charlize Mutton Mother, Kalista Mutton? Father Murder In The Family: Charlize Mutton, a 9-year-old girl from Queensland has become trending on social media. The news is that she got missing from the Blue mountains mysteriously. Cops take this case very seriously and started their investigation. His mother Charlize Mutton has been questioned now, but her stepdad has been charged for her murder. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Charlize Mutton

Who is Charlize Mutton Mother, Kalista Mutton?

His mother Kalista Mutton is the subject of interest among the police force. After her daughter went missing, she is devastated and distressed to the core. Now, Charlize was living with her grandmother but she went to meet her mom for a vacation. She has been missing for 4 days from a wedding venue and everyone has hope that the little girl will be found. There is very little known about Kalista other than her engagement. Her fiancee is named Justin Stein, one of the richest people in Sydney and owns Holden Colorado ute. All three were on blue mountains spending a good time until a big rock hit them and their daughter got lost.

Charlize Mutton Father

Charlize’s Father is out of the public eye until now. There is no mention of him in the 9-year-old missing case. Nonetheless, she had a fatherly figure in her life, her mother’s boyfriend. Justin Stein plays a significant role in Charlize’s life as a mentor and respectable figure. It is not known if their relationship was like father-daughter or like friends. It might be considered as the intimate vacation they had as a family, we assume that Stein was a guardian to little Mutton at the time of hiking. Hence, talking about the missing girl’s parents, her mother raised her as a single parent, even though she lived with her grandmother.

After searching continuously for four days, Charlize’s remains have been suspected to be found at Colo river. However, the human body has not been identified yet, once the police believe that it is her’s. The murder occurred in the family since her stepfather is the supposed murderer. He was arrested in a Surry Hills apartment and will appear in court on Wednesday. There is no information on the Mutton Family’s previous murders. Charlize’s family has said nothing about it, so we assume it’s a Chinese whisper. Investigation still goes on and police are finding more clues or evidence against him. If all the evidence is pointing towards his stepfather, then it will be proved that he is the culprit. Till then, follow this site to get the latest updates.

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