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Who is Charlie Grant? Lana Del Rey Brother Charlie Grant Being Discussed By Her Fans, Age, Instagram explored!


The social media is in surprise by their favorite singer Lana Del Rey. You just b thinking what is the reason for this. So, let us tell you that the singer has been shared a post on his official Instagram account with his sibling who is revealed for the first time by him on social media. Thus this makes his fans stunned and they are commenting on the post. And this is the reason why Lana’s fas are ablaze. And this is the very first time his fans get to introduce him to his sibling, and they have even collaborated in the business.

Lana Del Rey

Who is Charlie Grant?

The name of her brother is Charlie who is a professional Videographer and a director as well. They both even collaborated on the upcoming project of Lana. Lana is 36 years old while her brother is 28 years old which means there is an 8 year of difference in their age. Both are passionate about their work and this time their talent will be seen in the same project. Hence Lan’s fans are super excited about this.

Other than this, is we take a look at Charlie’s work then he was worked for brands like Tigra Togara, The Elder Statesman, and here are more in the list, whereas as many to be added. He is even shot for a plethora of music videos for the artist “Finesse Truly”. Recently he had been worked for Dasychira, Eternal Family. He is a native of New York City. His father is Robert GRANT, who is a web developer, and his mother Patricia Grant is a teacher in school.

Charlie and Lana’s collaboration:-

Lana posted his picture on her Inasatragem account to wish him a birthday. He is looking for a handsome guy with tattoos on his body and holding a cigarette. Lana also captioned a picture, Thank you for the cake brother.

Charlie and Lana have been worked together in the film Tropico in the year 2013. That film was 27 minutes long and it was based on a story of Sin and Redemption. Whereas Lan was n the lead role. They worked on music albums such as The Greatest, Let Me Love You Like A Woman.

Charli has 100,000 followers on his Instagram account. They have one more sibling named Caroline, who is a professional photographer. And also know as Chuck. Lana is four years elder than her.

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