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Who is Caroline Lee? Duval County ‘Teacher of the Year’ Caroline Lee arrested with child abuse charges


Who is Caroline Lee? Duval County ‘Teacher of the Year’ Caroline Lee arrested with child abuse charges: We are going to be talking about Caroline Lee who is a teacher from Darnell-Cookman, she has been recently charged with child abuse, she was recently named the “Teacher of the year” but her secretive actions towards several young students have shocked the whole community and the parents are in complete shock and disbelief. It has been reported by the school safety officer that Lee has injured a student for several reasons, it has been further revealed, she has used cursed words with her, she was recently announced as the “Teacher of the Year”, she has been charged with child abuse, the footage from the CC in the premises has recorded her every step. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Caroline Lee

Who is Caroline Lee?

At around 8:21 am, she left the classroom through one of the backdoors and she went straight to the hall as she was going to another room where the student was, around 8:24 am, the student is seen leaving and he walks directly to the guidance office. The interview was conducted with the student later on.

It has been observed that she was never gentle with kids and she even used to curse them, she made one of the students sit down at a desk, she asked why did they threaten her to which the student replied that they have never tried to threaten her, she got furious and she slapped the student with the heel of her palm.

The nose of the student was bleeding but she wasn’t done with her as with one hand as she was holding the nose, she tried to him again with her other hand.

Caroline Lee Arrested?

She was recently announced as the Teacher of the Year, the official Instagram of the school even posted a picture of her in order to congratulate her for the achievement but some of the students had commented inappropriately on the post, there are students who are commenting, “is this the same teacher who was using N-word last year.

This is when Caroline got furious and she thought to meet the student in person, she slapped her multiple times, the face of the student started off bleeding, as the police officers arrived at the scene, she started defending herself stating she did what she thought was needed.

She denied harming the student, the principal has alerted the families of the students of the arrest through a voicemail, the principal further added that she has been expelled from her duties and the internal and judicial procedures are scheduled.

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