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Who Is Carmen Piscioneri? MAHMOUD ‘BROWNIE’ AHMAD WIFE – Age, Instagram, Photos


Who Is Carmen Piscioneri? Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahmad Wife – Age, Instagram, Photos: Netizens are always keen to know more about the personal life of their beloved subject whether it is related to the details of famous personalities or notorious personalities. Presently the wife of a notorious Syndey underworld is trending all over the web and people looking for information related to her. The name Carmen Positioner is on the top of the search feed. Carmen Positioner is well known for being the wife of Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad, an infamous Sydney underworld personality who was lethally shot in a hail of gunfire in the southwest of Sydney on Wednesday, 27th April 2022. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Mahmoud 'Brownie' Ahmad

Who Is Carmen Piscioneri?

As per the reports, Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahamad was killed while visiting an accomplice on a suburban street in Greenacre around 09:30 PM on Wednesday, after a $1 million reward was set on his head. In this blog, we have tried to cover all possible details of his wife. So keep on reading to know more about her.

Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahmad’s Wife Carmen Piscioneri

As per a media outlet, Carmen Piscioneri was 32 years old in the year 2018 which means at present she is 36 years old. Her husband was released 6 months earlier after completing a 5-year jail sentence for the murder of a gangland rival, Ahamand and his enemies were out to get him.

Where Is Carmen Piscioneri Now?

When Ahmad was advised of a planned hit on him in broad daylight in a Rushcutters Bay park last month of October, he closely survived another killing attempt. Ahmad was told many times, most recently that he was a wanted man and that his life was in danger, by police. It comes as the heartbroken the family members of Ahmad collected at the crime scene on Thursday morning, only to be rejected admission into the cordoned-off area, infuriating police.

Carmen Piscioneri: Age, Instagram, Photos

As per Homicide Squad Commander Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty, Ahmas was in the street with an associate when he was gunned down by a “huge hail of gunfire” as he was leaving. He went on to add that there were several people in the street with Ahmad at that time, including innocent citizens, and that it was a “complete miracle” that no one was assassinated or wounded. A large number of “persons of interest” and suspects in the death of Ahmad are being probed by cops.

The Net Worth Of Carmen Piscioneri

The wife of Mahmoud, Carmen Piscioneri get a summons for a tax debt of closely $1 million on 21st March. On 4th April 2018, she sold the couple’s 5-bedroom home on Highview Ave in Greenacre for $1.2 million. Though no information concerning her income or earnings has yet been made public.

As per the latest report, on Wednesday night (27th April 2022), Sydney’s notorious underworld figure Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad was shot and assassinated. This incident happened in Greenacre, Sydney on a busy street in the city. Ahmad who was a known mafia figure was shot several times while visiting an accomplice. He had just been released from prison 6 months prior to the incident after serving 5 years for the homicide of gangland opponent Safwan Charbaji in the year 2016.

He was a well-known personality in Sydney crime, and he frequently entered and exited the crime institution. In the city, the infamous criminal had collected a large list of adversaries. He had run away from the country for fear of his life, but he could not stay away from his homeland. In this blog, we are sharing information related to his wife and kids.

The Wife And Kids Of Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad 

The name of the wife of the late Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad is Carmen Piscioneri. In the meantime, the plan of the couple to begin a family remains a mystery. while her spouse and his sibling were on trial for killing and drug smuggling, she was forced to sell their million-dollar mansion.

As per the media outlet, she was renting a townhouse in Bankstown. while Ahmad remained engaged with the organized crime group, Carmen has kept a low profile. In the media, there is virtually little information regarding his wife of Brownie. She remained wedded to him till his passing on Wednesday night.

Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad Age At The Time Of His Passing

Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad, an infamous underworld figure, was slain in a Sydney street when he was 39 years old. Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty, the commander of the Homicide Squad, said that he had already been observed that his life was in danger. He continued to walk the organized crime group, though.

He went on to say that he already knew Mahmoud was in the mortuary or back in the jail. Authorities have invited the public to provide any tips or details they may have that could help the probe.

The Net Worth Of Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad

The estimated net worth of the Australian criminal Mahmoud “Brownie” is not known. At the time of his passing, though he had $1 million in bounties on his head. When he was facing a trial in the year 2018, his wife was forced to sell his million-dollar house.

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