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Who is Candice Jimdar? Bryshere Gray set to serve jail time for assault, Wiki, Bio, Instagram!


A name is getting viral on social media “Candice Jimdar”, the people are getting curious and want to know about him. This name ‘has been created confusion on the social media platforms, as lack of Knowledge of the people even raising problems for him as there are many rumors going on which might be affecting her. So, in this article, you are going to know all about him.

Who is Candice Jimdar?

Candice is the wife of the most famous actor Bryshere Gray, and we can even say an alleged assault victim. Yes, you have read to the right she has been a victim of is going through domestic violence. She used to call the police at 10:15 PM when she called them Jimdar kept on crying and she informs that she has been attacked by her husband.

Officer stated that Candice has multiple injuries on her body which clarifies that she faced the devil face of her husband Gray. Candice also shared with the officer that she was assaulted for more than an hour and even got conscious. She exclaims how Bryshere Gray behaves with her and loses his temper at an extreme level which injures her this badly.

Timeline of Jimadar and Gray Relationship:-

The couple got married in the year 2019 and they use to live in Arizona, at the same location the assault took place which has been in the news now. They have been in an open relationship while I used to be so busy and allow her to have a boyfriend.”

Allegations made By Candice on Gray:-

Bryshree got arrested in the year 2020 for the assault and has been them not the custody. As per the sources, the actor was plae bargain the deal in which, he was playing guilty, hence he spent his 10 days inside bars and probation of three years.

While the condition of Candice after the assault was very critical and she has been sent to hospital for her wounds as she had multiple injuries but luckily there was nothing to get worried about and she soon is discharged from the hospital.

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