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Who is Brooke Morgan? Lawyers Submit A Complaint Over Viral Pictures of Wayne Rooney In Hotel Room


She is a model who is to be live with her two roommates Tayler Rayan and Elise Melvin. She was all part of the 21st birthday party. They used to go out on nights out. They also claimed that they were in a room with a football player Wayne Rooney.

Brooke Morgan

Who is Brooke Morgan?

Where they were seen involved in some weird acts and actions. Brooke is from Cumbria. she used to share some of the entire with him on her social media platform and these punctures get viral after this, Whereas the pictures are quite private. They stated that they love Chinawhite so they used to be visited there as per the earlier membership.

Well, people are searching for her on Social Media platforms. So let us tell you that she doesn’t have an Instagram profile. so you can’t find her on the same platform. You may find her on Snapchat.

Stories of police involvement in the matter:-

When the police get to see the posters they contacted his residents and rest him on the basis of such a wide picture of him. This is something unacceptable as per the society.

The fame and reputation of the player are destroyed now. it completely vanishes after this. Even his fans took to Twitter and they are passing negative comments.

They use to comment hate in the comments.

Whereas as another reason is that there is a pandemic situation and nightclubs are still open at such a critical time. Well, the movement has been the opening of teh nightclubs and it is against the rules so police must have to involved in this matter.

There is a tweet from Manchester News Men:-

The tweet reads “police shows their concern over the pictures and contacted the legendary layer, Wayne Mark Rooney.”

The contempt in the picture is unacceptable.

Pictures shared by the girls are explained below:-

In the pictures, we can see that he is sitting on the chair and teh girl has been clicking the photos. He is in black attire and the girls can be seen busy enjoying the luxury of the room. We will see in on ef the picture she is kissing him. This comes from the reputation of the legendary players.

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