Home News Who is Brook Vitnell? Age, Instagram, Net Worth, and more!

Who is Brook Vitnell? Age, Instagram, Net Worth, and more!


Who is Brook Vitnell? Age, Instagram, Net Worth, and more: A well-known female lawyer is making the news headlines all again, and she was also involved in the online comment and she was into it with a popular politician of the state. So she is going to be seen in the election. And this news is creating a buzz on every media network and social media platform. Brook Vitnell who is Family Law Solicitor was chosen as the liberal candidate for the NSW electorate. She was on the campaign trail and also hit with the Prime Minister who is Scott Morrison and this happened on Monday. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Brook Vitnell Instagram

Who is Brook Vitnell?

She posted her pictures on Instagram and the Queensland leader Mr. John-Paul Langbtoek commented on her image and he pointed out her cleavage in his comment. This vacation of him hit her and she also shows her anger to him. Then they both get involved in a heated argument with him. And this is silly that both of them are mature enough to not do anything like this but they still did so. And the followers of both personalities were also involved in this and some are in favor of her while some are favoring him.

Brook Vitnell Instagram

After everything happened he realized that he was wrong and then he finally deleted his comment from there. And also said that “I deleted that comment of mine and also apologize to her for such a bad comment from my side.”

Brook Vitnell Instagram

It means he was found himself in guilt. He doesn’t have any right to say anything wrong to her. After this, she also stated to him that being an old man these words and such actions don’t suit you, and you just not do this ever again against any girl. You may think whatever you want but Aletta thinks about some’s respect and avoids writing this.

Brook Vitnell Instagram

After this, her fans took the comment section and stated the comment in her favor, and went against what that man called to her. They shared that it’s her choice, she can wear whatever she want to. It’s her body and she has a right to wear clothes as per her choice.

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