On June 23, 2021, Britney Spears appeared in the Los Angeles court due to her conservatorship case against her father as he is controlling her life. On the appearance of her, she gave a testimony in front of the judge whose name is Brenda Penny. In her statement, she explained the exact means of conservatorship. She also revealed that this conservatorship is controlling her life for the past 13 years. As we all know Britney Spears is one of the most established and famous pop singers who has gained huge name and fame for her commendable work in her career. Here we tell you all details about the singer.

Brenda Penny

Who is Brenda Penny?

The hearing of this case took place on June 23, 2021, in Los Angeles. The case is judged by Brenda Penny. For the first time, the singer comes out in public and revealed the situation from which she is going through. Due to the conservatorship, Britney’s father has got the license to control her property, medical care, career, and the whole phase of her life. In the hearing, Britney stated, “This conservatorship is doing me way more harm than good. I deserve to have a life.” She also claimed that she was given drugs without her consent.

Talking about judge Brenda Penny, she is a judge in California for the Los Angeles County Superior Court. In 1982, She started her legal career. In 1989, she was called a Partner when she started working at the law firm Gronemeier and Barker.  In the year 1997, she has become the probate attorney in California for the Los Angeles County Superior Court. She also served as a court commissioner in 2014 with the help of court judge’s votes. In 2018, she was recruited by the former Governor Jerry Brown to the bench.

Britney described the Lithium drug. She said that Lithium is a very strong drug and completely different from her medication. After consuming that drug. She felt drunk all the time. She was even unable to have conversations with her parents related to anything. She revealed that because of her conservatorship, she can’t even have children or get married to someone, it has been told to her in the conservatorship that she can’t get married or have babies as she is not able for all this. We will let you know if we get any updates about this matter. Stay connected with us for more updates.


  1. This judge and everyone involved with Britney Spears’ conservator case must be investigated by an independent court.


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