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Who is Brandi Passante? Jarrod Schulz charged with domestic violence against Brandi Passante!


She has been in the news lately as her ex-husband is being a nuisance to her as it has been claimed by her. she has stated that Jarrod Schulz who is her ex-husband came to a bar where she was chilling with her friends on April 30 in the Orange County where the ex-couple got into a heated argument and she has claimed that he pushed her hard while they were having the argument.

Brandi Passante

Who is Brandi Passante?

Storage Wars is the series that they both are a part of and even though they are still working together in the show and must be looking all fine on the small screen but it seems like that their relationship in the real world has gone havoc as the ex-husband is allegedly facing charges regarding domestic violence on his ex-wife Brandi which has been reported by TMZ.

Even the Law Enforcement is seeing shedding some light on the case as they have stated that she was chilling with her friends in Orange County on April 30 where he showed up and then both of them got in a pretty serious argument which went pretty bad as Brandi told him to leave several times but he didn’t agree with her and then the situation went havoc as it has been stated by Schulz and her friends and the people who were present there that he pushed her twice after that heated argument while yelling at her friends.

Jarrod has reportedly talked with the authorities and he has denied that he touched her in any way as he has claimed this to the cops and according to the People Magazine, one of the officials of the Orange County has stated that he has been charged in regards to domestic violence in total connection which took place on April 30.

Brandi Passante is a pretty renowned TV actress as she made her debut in 2010 in the show ‘storage wars’, the show has been running for many years now and she has been appreciated by the fans of the show for her acting skills for many years now.

Passante has been a part of the show since season 1 and her chemistry is pretty good with Schulz on screen and the chemistry has been loved by the fans in such a manner that they even released a series of them both which lasted for 8 episodes in the year 2014 and even after so much banter between them, they have been working together for the longest time and have kept it professional for many years but it seems like that the bubble has burst and it is going to be a difficult situation for them professionally and also in their personal lives.


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